blogging | use your blog to help me out!

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i am loving the fact that i am seeing many little biz builders adding a blog to their marketing plan. you know i am a big proponent of this (if you want to know why, go read the 5 reasons why you need a blog for your biz.)

but i have to admit, i have visited a number of little biz blogs lately and am saddened that this awesome resource is often wasted. if all you are doing with your blog is popping up photos of the products you are trying to sell, then i am not sticking around to read. if i wanted to see what you have for sale then i would click on your catalogue, shopping cart or product album.

  • use your blog to stand out!
  • use your blog to solve a problem your clients have!
  • use your blog to demonstrate your expertise!
  • use your blog to show your personality, your passion, your opinion!
  • use your blog to tell an interesting story!

but for the love of god, please don’t waste my time or yours using it to tell me over and over again what you sell. if i wasn’t going to buy it before, a new picture isn’t going to make me buy it now.

try instead to get into the head of your ideal client. what might they need help with? an answer too? more information about?

if you sell hairclips, and post lovely pictures of your cute hairclips in every colour of the rainbow – great. lovely. boring. what i would really love to know is how the frick did you make that cute little twisty ponytail? give me the instructions and i would probably buy the hairclip! or tell me what product you use to make that hair stay in place. or give me tips about how to get my kid to sit still long enough to do their hair like that.

seriously, if you solve a problem for me, not only will i probably buy your thing, i will be a fan for life. i will visit your blog over and over again to see what other little helpful tidbits you are sharing. and i will also probably share those awesomely helpful blog posts with all of my friends. just sayin’...

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