blogging is a biz too!

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i don't normally blog on a sunday but i just read this excellent post from a blogger i absolutely love: nikki parkinson at styling you has written 10 ways to make money from blogging (great tips by the way) but more importantly i think she has spoken out on a topic that has come under criticism - blogging for money.

Last time I looked it was ok for anyone to start their own business or to get a job if they so desired.

So, why, oh, why, do some people have a problem with bloggers earning money from something that they are passionate about? Why do some people have a problem with bloggers making money from something that makes them get out of bed each day, excited to hit the keyboard?

Imagine a world where we were all free to follow our passions and make a living from doing so. It’d be a pretty happy world, wouldn’t it?

i wanted to jump in on this topic because of course my business is helping women follow our passion and make a living doing so. that is my dream for this world. 

just as i feel the need to stand up in support of 'little' businesses (click here if you want a reminder about that - in no way do i mean anything we do is little) and stand up in support of our individual pursuits and passions (i shared many of those here - from handmade, to eco, to indie and more) i also feel the need to defend blogging as a biz. 

this blog started as a place to share what i was learning as i grew my photography business, but it has now become my primary business. while many people have a blog as a marketing strategy for their little biz, for others our blogs are our businesses. our blogs are how we earn a living. this blog is MY biz.

so while you read your favorite blogs just keep in mind that many of those bloggers (myself included) are indeed running a business. without your support they may not be able to continue offering the free content you love. and if you do love what they offer you, consider what you can do to support that blogger.

can you make a purchase from an affiliate link? can you purchase their products or services? can you click through and have a look at any sponsored links that interest you? can you share their posts and help them get more traffic to their site? can you subscribe to and share their newsletters? can you click a donate button as a way of saying thanks for the awesome free content?

i believe that we should support other little biz builders even as we build our own. this includes supporting people that blog as a biz.

( i would love it if you pinned this image, tweeted this message, shared this post & image on facebook, posted it in your own blog post on the subject. you can download a printable of this image and others like it by clicking here. thank YOU for supporting build a little biz.)