one thing that every biz needs (but most don't have)

when biz builders ask me for low cost marketing ideas i always start with the online strategy of using a blog + a newsletter + social media.

but one thing i hear a lot is “no one is going to want to read a blog post from me, i have no idea what i would even blog about!”

or sometimes “i have a blog and i having been trying to use this strategy but i have no idea what to say!”

is this something you struggle with?

if figuring out what to blog about is holding you back from starting this strategy or making the most of this strategy, i have an analogy for you that i hope will help.

imagine that your website is like a bricks and mortar shop. you have you have great “shop window” displays to draw people in, well organized “isles” of products so people can find what they are looking for, and great product descriptions so people know exactly what they get for their money. fantastic!

but you may be missing one thing.

if you had a bricks and mortar shop you will probably be hanging out around the front counter of your shop TALKING TO PEOPLE.

that is what your blog does for your business. it is your chance to chat with your customers.

your blog is your shop counter.

so close your eyes and imagine standing in that shop. imagine the types of customers that would come in to browse. imagine the types of customers you would love to attract into your shop, the ones that would just make you giddy to see walk in the door.

now imagine chatting with them.

what would you chat about?

  • would you tell them a story about the inspiration for a product or service?
  • would you describe a result that one of your customers had?
  • would you suggest a complementary product that would make a perfect set?
  • would you offer some sort of handy tip or helpful advice?
  • would you find yourself answering the same question over and over again?
  • would you offer some exclusive *insider* information that they may never had heard before?
  • would you be able to suggest a gift idea?
  • would you compliment them on their style, their obvious passion, or the magazine that you see sticking out of their handbag?
  • would you discover that you have a common interest and chat about that?
  • would you ask them a question about what it is they are really looking for?
  • would you tell them something funny or entertaining or inspiring that would let them know you really ‘get’ them?
  • would you show them how they could get the most bang for their buck?
  • would you share something really memorable so that your shop stuck in their mind for days to come?
  • would you share a little of yourself, your own personality & passion, as a way to connect and be genuine?

these are all things that you can do with your blog.

blogs are very good for SEO – google loves fresh content and kew words can drive new traffic to your website. but i am going to let you in on a big secret: i have never once written a blog post because of SEO. shhhhh don’t tell anyone, i don’t want to be inundated with comments about how important SEO is. i KNOW it is. but the thing is… SEO, key words, google analytics… these things just don’t float my boat no matter how many times i try to get into them.

what floats my boat is talking to people. when i open up a word doc to type out my blog post for the week i think about one thing: what i can chat about with my customer up at my front counter. i close my eyes, i imagine her walking into my shop, i imagine offering her a glass of wine and a place to put her feet up for a minute (ok, so my front counter looks a lot like a bar, so what!) and then i imagine what we would chat about.

what question could i answer? what story could i tell? what useful tip could i offer? how could i help her  or entertain her or inspire her? how could i build her trust or show my expertise or rock her world?

that’s what my blog is.

(and because i am doing those things i am automatically including key words for my business and fresh content for my website. so even though i am not focusing on SEO i am still working on it. )

now close your eyes and imagine your shop – you can make it be anything you would like it to be. what would it be like when a customer walked in? what would you talk about? that’s your blog.

and if you still aren't into blogging, that is fine. consider then instead how YOU are going to chat with your customers. what will be your shop counter?