is it time to make a little biz upgrade?


one of the things i have been working on over the last year (thanks to denise duffield-thomas’s lucky bitch book and money bootcamp) is making upgrades in my life.

and it is not always about spending more money on more stuff, it is about the little things we can do to live a first class life (right now, not some far off point in the future!)

one of my favourite upgrades is getting a shellac polish manicure every three weeks from a gorgeous lady who is building her biz from home. i love supporting a woman in biz and i love getting fresh cute nails that last for weeks. it makes me feel good.


i generally hang out in jeans or yoga pants or pjs, i almost always have a ponytail, and i rarely bother with make-up. (i work from home and hang out with a two year old!) but the polish is a treat to myself – i feel funky and cute and like i am doing something just for me.

i know people who get a blow dry once a week, or fresh flowers for their home once a week, or a house cleaner every two weeks, or who only buy food from the local organic market, or who schedule time in for daily yoga, or treat themselves to a long soak & a magazine each night.

we all have our own little upgrades that we can make in our lives – little things or big things that send the universe a message. i am here, i am worthy, i am ready, i deserve.... bring it on!

imagine sending the same message about your biz?

what can you upgrade in your business so that you can take one step closer to creating that first class business that you visualize for yourself?

try this:

imagine your business 3 years from now. imagine what a perfect day would be like in your business. jot down all of the ideas you can come up with. then look at that list and see what one thing you can upgrade right now.

it could be around:

  • your branding – updating your logo or website banner or personal profile photos or business cards or social media images
  • your DIY mindset – hiring a pro to do some copywriting or graphic design or website creation or accounting
  • your workflow – hiring a virtual assistant or a social media assistant or a personal assistant… someone to help you do some of your jobs so you can focus on the stuff that only you can do
  • your offering – updating your prices or your product lines or your packages or customer service  so that you can do more of the work you want to do and attract more of your most awesome customers
  • your workspace – upgrading your office or desk or workshop, or maybe creating your own little workspace if you don’t really have one
  • your boundaries – drawing some lines around what you will and won’t do, saying no to some of the stuff that is no longer serving your biz, valuing your time & expertise, sticking to a schedule
  • your marketing – revamping your newsletter or your free opt in, updating your social media sites, joining some new groups, reaching out to people you want to connect with
  • your learning – working with a new mentor or coach, investing in a course that will help take your biz to the next level, getting involved in something that will raise your profile

some of this stuff will cost money, other stuff will take time, and some of it will require some mental and emotional stuff… more mindset shifting!

but for every little upgrade you make, you show yourself (and the universe) that your business and your dreams are indeed worthy. tweet it!

plus you take one step closer to that vision that you have of your business in the future.

but please know this:

this exercise is not meant to be yet another overwhelming to do list. i am sure we can all come up with a big long list of stuff that we “should do”. yuck. this is meant to be about what will make you feel great in your biz.

what will feel just as good in your biz as a manicure feels in life?

last year i hired a bookkeeper who i love as much as the sun. i tell you it really does feel good. and it has made me excited about my next upgrade – what can i do next that will feel just as good?

start with one thing. you won’t regret it.