biz resolution: my biz. my plan. my way.

last year around this time i declared that i was going to find a way to do biz planning for 2013 that didn’t suck. i confessed that i had never done any *proper* planning because i always felt constrained by the “business planning” advice that i had read.

this is me:

  • i am a dreamer and a doer
  • i am spontaneous and a planner
  • i am right brain creative and left brain logic
  • i follow advice and i also follow my gut
  • i need both strategy and space (for whatever the universe sends my way)

most of the business planning stuff i found when i first started out was either too boring or too strategic or too woo or just too not me.

so i started the year with the intention of creating biz plans that weren’t dry and boring, that weren’t frustrating to work on… that didn’t SUCK basically.

i read a tonne of resources and learned many techniques and tools for business planning and task management. and then i did my plan my way. i made my biz planning as fun to do as doing biz itself.

my biz vision board.jpg

i discovered that:

  • i really need my plans to be FUN and pretty and colourful and inviting - they need to make me feel happy just look at them
  • i like to be organized but i need things to work for a variety of purposes - so i created a whole stack of planners that i can print out and use as i need to.
  • i like to be flexible and leave room for evolution - so i do my planning in pencil and my printables are all super flexible so i can use them for all sorts of purposes
  • i like to see the big picture but also work in little details as i need to - so i put my plans up on a big biz vision board
  • i am a brainstormer – i like to write ideas down on paper – so my printables help me stay organized (i know longer have to flip through notebooks and bits of paper to find what i wrote down – i just clip all the related printables together now into one handy package).

my whole mission as we head into 2014 is to encourage this: don’t build a biz, build YOUR biz. planning will help you to make your vision, your big ideas, a reality. and that is really what this is all about. YOUR VISION. taking all of that awesomeness that you have and just getting it out there!

so try to let go of whatever *buts* you have around business planning (including marketing plans and sales plans and product plans and project plans) and do it your way. just get it done.

as i was working out what to say about doing planning YOUR way, i thought – i wonder if anyone needs help with planning? that little spark of an idea grew into me completely (and ironically!) changing my plans for this month and creating a workbook full of the printables, intructions, ideas, and inspiration that i have gathered this year. i want to help you create the biz YOU want to build, and make your dreams for 2014 a reality.

click here for the brand new bizplantastic workbook.

bizplantastic has instructions + printable planners + ideas & examples + inspiration all in one place.

we start with setting your vision for the year (or 5 years, or even just the new product you are launching) and taking you through setting goals, choosing strategies, creating plans, and completing tasks. basically we go all the way from your big picture to getting it done.


of course i am not the only one with planning resources on offer at this time of year. definitely check out: leonie dawson’s 2014 biz + life planners

these planners are freaking amazing. i actually use them in conjunction with mine. leonie does a lot of reflection on the previous year and then specific guided goal setting for the new year. my planners help you take those goals and actually get them done - creating the year, month, week, day, marketing, sales, and project plans you need to achieve the goals.

no matter how you do your plans - whether you do them online or on paper, on a giant chalk board or in a 3 ring binder, with the help of a resource or on your own - just do them! 2014 is YOUR year. get it done!

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