my biz resolution: don’t build A biz, build MY biz.


don't build A biz, build YOUR biz. (tweet it)

seems like an obvious distinction doesn’t it? but just as we talked about last week – with comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel – it is also really easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or what we feel like we should be doing.

so i am resolving to define MY biz, my way and i challenge you to do the same!

i am not just talking about a business model here. this is not just about the way you do biz, but also WHY you do it, and about WHO you are. it is about what matters to you and what feels right.

1. the first step is owning your story

this is what my post last week was all about. you need to embrace and understand all of the awesome bits, and all of the sucky bits, and everything in between. 

2. the next step is about being aware of what is around you and how it affects you.

i believe that we should surround ourselves with stuff that inspires us, motivates us, lifts us higher.

of course i am not talking about copying what others are doing, or comparing yourself to others, but rather just surround yourself with people and brands doing what you think are really cool things so that you can give yourself permission to do the same.

but what happens when you see stuff that just bugs you?

i am sure this has happened to you. you see the way a biz conducts themselves online and you just feel icky. you see a word or phrase that is used in biz and you just can’t stand it. you see the way a strategy is being used and it irks you. you feel like you are being copied or that others have more success than you and it sucks.

hold up a mirror.

that stuff that bugs you can tell you something about you. hold up a mirror and figure out what it is. it could be a fear, a negative mindset, a past experience, a core value that you hold.

(and remember what i said last week – when someone doesn’t like you, it’s not about you. it’s about them. the same is true the other way around! if there is something you don’t like, hold up that mirror!)

then let it go.

it’s not necessary to tell the person why you don’t like them. or to publicly trash a word that doesn’t resonate with you. or to tell them how they should be doing something.

this feels like a growing problem in the online world. with all of our transparency and authenticity, people seem to feel like it’s ok to trash the way someone else thinks or feels or does.

when we focus on the stuff we hate we are just going to bring more of that stuff into our lives. focus on what you love instead.

and when you do come across something that rubs you the wrong way, try saying something like this: that’s great for you.  or nothing but love for you sister. (thanks to a reader who shared that one from the movie silver linings playbook)

this just re-affirms that there is indeed room for all of us, and reminds us that we can be ourselves even as others do the same.

3. the last step is to define YOUR biz.

once you notice the stuff you love and the stuff that doesn’t resonate with you, take some time to get clear (or to reconnect with) the sort of biz YOU want to be building.

your words have power.

i am a big fan of coming up with words to represent things - i do it for my brand, my goals, myself! 

recently i have seen words - such as mumpreneur, WAHM, strategic, woo-woo, failure, hustle, marketing, selling, planning, coaching, success, balance - entice all sorts of feelings, from all ends of the spectrum!

if a word doesn’t feel like the right word to describe who you are, what you do, why you do it, or the brand you want to build, then find new words. invent your own words if you can’t find the right ones! re-define the words so that they have meaning to you.

click here to grab my handy word list for some inspiration.

and try these prompts: i am… i believe… i stand for… i am certain that… the core of what i do is… my ultimate goal is… my brand is…

once you have reconnected to the business that you want to build, write down the words that you want to keep front of mind.

my biz is _____________________

grab a piece of paper and sketch it out. or hop onto picmonkey or canva and create an image with your words. or type them into a word doc and print it out. or add some text to a photo using a phone app. 

the #mybizis challenge:

once you have a word or a few words or a phrase that defines your biz, i would love for you to take a photo and share it. use the #mybizis hashtag on facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, or google+. let’s celebrate the diversity that exists in micro-biz, so that we can define biz on our terms, and inspire others to do the same.

i am excited to follow the hashtag and check out your words, but i have this idea that i would really love to try, with your help.

i would love to create a video using all of your biz words. if you are willing to have your photo be in the video please email me or facebook message me with the link (or the photo itself). in doing so you give your permission to use your photo in a video which will be shared online. i will not use it for any other purpose and will not alter the photo. you can brand your photo with your biz, add your name, include yourself in the photo, or keep it anonymous. 

i can't wait to see what YOUR biz is! 

(help me spread the word... tweet the #mybizis challenge)

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