be YOU. add YOU to your brand.

this month i have been focusing a lot of my research & discussion around amplifying your brand.

one of the suggestions i have is for people to work out what it is they want to be known for (or stand for, or believe in, or offer…) and to really exaggerate it.  to talk about it all the time, to splash it all over the place!

and i have noticed a few fears come up as i chat with women in biz…

no one really wants to hear about ME. i am boring!
i have no idea what to say!
i feel really silly sharing that stuff.
what if i turn people off?
but, i feel like i need to please everyone.

any of this sound familiar?

one of the key components of the framework of your business & brand is YOU. and i know that is kind of scary, but i really believe…

  • that YOU are the most unique part of your biz. (no one can copy you!)
  • that YOU are the biggest asset to having a micro biz. (people want to do business with you because of you: your unique talent/expertise/viewpoint/eye/style/way of doing things… even the fact that you are a micro biz owner.)
  • that you ought to add YOU to your brand. (it helps you feel more authentic, more genuine, more excited about marketing & selling & doing biz work in general.)

the thing about business is that everyone has one. (well not everyone. obviously. but in your little niche, in your marketplace, there are a lot of similar businesses, right?)

every one of them is saying similar things. every one of them has similar looking photos, and similar sounding copy. it is not enough just to build a professional brand & offer quality products & great service. everyone else is doing that too.

if i happen upon your biz, i want to know…

  • why should i do biz with YOU
  • why should i hire YOU
  • why should i buy these products here from YOU
  • why should i pay more to work with YOU
  • why should i believe that YOU get  me
  • why should i trust that YOU can solve my problems (or fulfil my desires!)

when i happen upon your biz i want to feel like...

“wow. this. THIS is the right place for me. this is the one. this is it!”

and you need to use your brand to let me know that.

so figure out what it is you want to be known for. come up with your signature thing. allow yourself to add that to your brand. and then start amplifying it. talk about it. post about it. pin it and tweet it and instagram it.

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yes it might feel a bit weird. remember this:

  • some people who come in contact with your biz have never seen it or you before. you might go on about this stuff all the time, but for them it is new. they also need to know they are in the right place. (and some people need to come into contact with your message multiple times before they are ready to buy.)
  • it is a bit like exercise. the more you work at it the easier it gets and the stronger you will feel. so you may feel weird (weak?) now, but it won’t always be that way.
  • you don’t have to BE your brand 100% and all the time. you might need to put on your “brand” hat: just embrace that one part of yourself and amplify it just when you are working on biz stuff. the rest of the time you can go back to the “but i am boring” thing. ok?

what is one thing you can do right now to embrace your “thing” and add more of it to your brand? go do it!

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