b-school + visual marketing school = an awesome combo!


this week i launched my brand new visual marketing school! and today, b-school opens for registration for 2014.

match made in heaven? i think so! 

i wrote here about why i am so passionate about this program, and you have likely read recommendations from other biz owners all over the web.

because i am an affiliate for b-school i earn a commission when you join through my link. to show my appreciation for that, and to ensure you get the most bang for your buck, i am including an all access pass to visual marketing school for FREE. so if you are thinking of doing either b-school or visual marketing school this is amazing value!

my bonuses:

why this will be helpful?
when you are done b-school you are going to have a million ideas for marketing your biz. you may want new buttons & banners for your site, you may want to create a gorgeous opt-in to build your email list, you might want to refresh your social media presence, you might want to create a media kit or some visual testimonials, or branded product photos.

visual marketing school will help you do all of this. it will save you money (hiring a designer for everything) and save you time (you won’t be fiddling around trying to figure out programs like canva or picmonkey or photoshop) and save you frustration (you will confidently create visual content that gets traffic, gets engagement, and gets noticed.)

  • membership to my private group for little biz builders in b-school (value: priceless!)

why will this be helpful?
the big b-school group is awesome but it can also be overwhelming. and b-school is an intensive program, there may be times when you feel uncertain or confused or a bit stuck. i want to help you make the absolute most of your investment so i offer my biz friends extra support & assistance in our little group. need an ear? i am there. need some fresh eyes or help with ideas? i am there. need some 1:1 help with a question or problem? i am there.

i want to be there to support you as you do b-school.

why will this be helpful?
the customer love workshop takes the customer avatar stuff you do in b-school to the next level. you look at how to APPLY all of that information to your marketing, your customer service, your customer retention & word-of-mouth, and your customer/client workflow/systems. pretty big parts of your biz, right?

the amplify your brand workshop covers something that isn't covered in b-school and that is your brand. of course branding is part of marketing, so this workshop will help you with clarity, consistency, repetition, and amplification of your brand message online, which will enhance all of your online marketing. awesome right?

note: all of my workshops are lifetime access. so you can do them when you need them.

a lot of people have awesome bonuses on offer, definitely have a look around to get the most bang for your buck. i don’t think anyone else is offering something like visual marketing school – and i know many people aren’t equipped to offer personal help as you go through b-school. so i am really excited to offer my bonuses.

click here to register for b-school and qualify for my bonuses.

when you click the link you can see everything that is included in b-school, read through the FAQs, see testimonials, etc.

i have had a few questions about b-school so i thought i would answer them for everyone here.

how much time did you spend on bschool?

well to be honest i am still spending time on b-school 2 years later! during the 8 weeks of the program i spend about 2 hours a week working on the modules, plus some time each day just chatting with people in the facebook groups i am in. (i find that interaction is often as helpful as the course content!). marie also does a 3 hour office hours live call each week – i don’t listen live, i wait for the recording and then listen while i walk.

it is an intensive program. the first time i went through it i took way longer than the 8 weeks (i spent a long time on module 1!). i gave myself permission to go at my own pace. and this is one of the reasons i run a private coaching group for my community who do b-school along with me – i want to support my friends in biz as they work their way through this program. and it is also the reason why i do b-school again each year. i am always getting something valuable out of it (it is awesome to be a member for life.)

how did you afford to pay for bschool?

b-school was the first big investment i made in my biz and i definitely did not have an extra $2000 laying around to pay for it. at first i totally balked at the price. i shared previously that i had been thinking about buying a thermomix and was justifying the price of that in my mind (also $2000) and i had this epiphany where i realized i was easily justifying the kitchen appliance but not the investment into my biz and my dream! screw that!

so i put b-school on my credit card (and never did get a thermomix) and i made a promise to myself to work my ass off to pay it off asap. i made a list of all of the things i could do to earn some extra cash, all of the skills i had that could help people and any services i could offer, and i created a $100 package. i promoted that i would only be offering it for a short time (and i only had 20 spots max!) and by the end of the month i had sold all 20 spots! funny how when you have a goal like that you can put your hustle on and really sell your stuff!

is b-school right for my biz?

only you can decide that, but marie forleo’s team is standing by ready to help you figure that out (grab the email address from the bottom of the sales page). it is good for any business that is doing online marketing, and this year they have added extra content just for product based businesses which i think is really exciting and i cannot wait to learn more about marketing products (in the past it felt like most examples were for service businesses).

b-school focuses on helping you with marketing, which is the number one request i get from biz builders. “ i am stuck with how to market my biz!” it won’t help you with accounting or systems or administration. and it doesn’t walk you through business set up (if you haven’t started a business yet). but if you want to learn to be an authentic, confident, effective marketer, then b-school is the thing.

how do i get my partner on board?

marie wrote a great free guide on this, with your top concerns and some scripts to help you out. click here for that.

are you really doing b-school again with us?

yep. the first time i did b-school i was still trying to figure out what i wanted my biz to be - so it was a big journey of clarity. the second time i did b-school i had the clarity so that was a journey of implementation & action. this time, rather that do it with my whole business in mind i am going to do it with one new idea in mind - and just focus on that one thing. i am super excited about it! b-school is a great time to work ON my biz instead of just plodding along in my biz. 

if you would like to chat more about b-school (or the visual marketing school bonus), i am absolutely here for you. my email is karengunton@gmail.com.

and here again is the link if you would like to join and get my bonuses too.

i’d love to do b-school AND visual marketing school with you. =)