ask the expert | Why Should I Be Writing Guest Posts?

today we have a guest post from our expert partner in coywriting: anne maybus from clever streak.

Sometimes people ask me why I “waste time writing for other people’s blogs” when I should be writing for my own.  If you haven’t thought about it before I guess it could look a bit silly but hey, if it was silly I wouldn’t be doing it, would I?

There are probably dozens of reasons in favour of guest blogging but these are the ones that are important to me.


It’s easy to sit in your little neck of the online woods and keep on talking to the people you already know, and who know what you do and why you do it.  It’s like living in a bubble with your headphones on.  Breaking out into the wide world is not so easy.  Your voice can be muffled by the crowd and after a while you begin to shape your message to suit the people nearby, not necessarily the ones who need you.  

Pop that bubble.  You’ll find a world outside and a conversation that is waiting for you.  

Writing for another blog will introduce you to a whole new audience and you might be just the person they have been looking for.  

Evidence of your expertise

Let me ask you a question.  When do you get to show off without actually doing the work?  It’s not as though you can just sit on Facebook and tell people how great you are.  Eventually you have to back it up with evidence.  

Writing for your own blog is one thing – no one can stop you from posting. Writing for someone else is an acknowledgement of your expertise. Credibility is wonderful.  The more blogs you can guest on, the more credibility you are accumulating. You must be a person to pay attention to if you are popping up on other people’s blogs.


When I talk about positioning, I am talking about more than just showing your expertise.  You have opinions and you should not be afraid to express them but not all of them are suitable for your business blog.  For example, if you blog about folk music it might not be appropriate to drop in a post about Iron Maiden. However, if you want to extend your field of influence and become noticed as an expert in music in general, a chat in the right place about Iron Maiden will make people sit up and take notice. 

Positioning can also be about refining your message and distinguishing yourself from your competitors through your unique view of your special topic.  It only takes a degree of difference to make you stand out.  


Great relationships are like currency.  The more you have, the richer you are.  Each time you write for another blog you are developing a relationship with the owner as well as the readers.  It’s a form of networking where you share something of real value.   You will be able to invite their guest posts on your blog and who couldn’t do with a hand keeping their own blog up to date?  You are building your own community.


If you are a ghost writer it can be hard to show off your work. You write as another person and it is published under their name.  If you have nothing else, a collection of guest posts can serve as a portfolio of your work.  Actually, anyone who writes for another site should show off their portfolio of posts on their own site.  It’s a reminder of your authority in your field.


Of course there is an SEO benefit in having links to your site especially if they come from a site that ranks higher than your own.  Make sure you are allowed to have a bio box with a link to your site placed at the end of your guest post.  It’s a professional courtesy but it doesn’t always happen.  The bio introduces you as well as your website so it’s important for more than just links.

Writing guest posts can be a really clever marketing strategy if you do it well.  Even your regular readers will pay more attention to what you say when you are saying it from a different place.  It’s free marketing and, if you’ve chosen the right blog, it will take you directly to new readers in your target market.  

And did I mention that it’s fun?  

So, for which blog would you like to write a guest post?

Anne Maybus has a mission to banish the dullness from business writing. She believes that your business deserves to have personality shining out of every word. She writes content that catches your reader by the eye and pulls them pupil-first into the wonderful world of your business. Visit