ask the expert | What is the Best Kept Secret about Branding?


today we have a post from our fabulous expert partner in branding: Kim Timothy, the Owner & Creative Director ofBoutique By Design. she is sharing her insider secrets that will help us make an impression with our branding, and has included a FREE printable to help us out. awesome!

You have a business. You’ve invested in defining its brand and you’ve nurtured the results. Your hard work has paid off as today your business has an expression all its own, a unique look & feel that connects with all who experience it. Ahhh, business life is good!

Most at this stage would kick their feet up and revel in a job well done. Most, that is, who do not know the best kept secret of branding…

What if I told you that branding success, and therefore business success, relies on one very important thing – consistency. Let me repeat that incredibly important idea: The success of your business relies on a consistent brand.

When you have a strong and consistent brand that represents your business people start to recognize it. When your brand is used reliably on everything associated with your business, you begin to build rich customer loyalty. And that customer devotion results in business success. Cha-Ching!

Just to prove to you that this simple little idea results in colossal rewards, let me list a few examples of brands who follow this secret: CocaCola, Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, Ikea, Gucci, GAP, & Starbucks to name a few.

Now, go back over that list and take note of what you “see”. Each one conjures a consistent image and personality – right? For every situation that you can recall, these brand images and qualities remain strong and consistent. See? I told you it worked!

So how do you ensure this success for yourself? It’s easy. The branding pros call it a “Brand Standards Manual”, but I prefer to call it a “Style Sheet”. It’s a guideline that highlights everything important about your brand and how it should be used. By having one to use yourself or passing it on to anyone handling your brand, you are able to guarantee consistency.

To help you get started, I’ve created a basic Style Sheet Outline for you to use. Simply click here to download the file. Then fill out your details digitally or print the download and scrap book your brand together.

bbd StyleSheet.jpg

So there you have it! The secret to branding success is revealed. Ahhh, now business life is truly good!

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