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today we have a guest post from our expert partner in coywriting: anne maybus from clever streak, answering a very common question...

This is a question that I am often asked especially by new bloggers.  Often they’ve been freaked out by professional bloggers who recommend posting a couple of times a day.  Can you imagine doing that and running a business at the same time?  We’d get nothing else done.

The first thing I want to make clear is that professional bloggers do it for a living.  That’s often their only business.  They have to post frequently so they can build up their blog content and reputation to earn revenue.

Most of us aren’t professional bloggers.  We don’t rely on them solely for income.   That means that our blog plan needs to be different to theirs.  You can stop panicking now.

The answer to the question of how often you should blog comes down to the “S” word – strategy.  If your reason for blogging isn’t solely for income, what is it? 

Before you go into meltdown, take a breath and start thinking it through.  The answer is there if you just look.  Have a think about these things:

Why are you blogging?

We all use a blog for different reasons.  Some of us want to build up relationships, some to boost readership and some for SEO purposes.  Some of us want to spread information to help others.  Some of us just can’t help but spill our thoughts out all over the interwebs but that’s another story…

What do you want your blog to do for you?

When your blog is working the way you hope it will, what do you expect it will do for your business?  Is your blog there to encourage sales or send traffic to your site?  Is it there to help position you as an expert in your field?  Is it there to support the conversation on other social media sites?  Is it there as a way for your client to talk with you?

Who is your target market?

What do you know about your target market?  Are they the kind of people who read blogs?  How much time do they have?  What does their week look like?  How often are they online?  By working out who your client is and what sort of life they lead, you can begin to guess when or if they will be online.

What do you want your blog to offer to your target market?

If you look around the blogosphere (and I hope you do) you’ll see blogs that offer many different things to their readers.  Some turn their blogs into a little rest space in a busy day by sharing funny pictures and stories.  Some share personal experiences and offer a way to connect.  Others give advice or answer client questions.  The ones that bore me silly are those that do nothing but promote their products.  What will your blog give to your readers to make it worth spending their time on?

How much will they read?

Busy people don’t have time to read long posts.   If your market is into research they will expect detailed content.  Mums who are juggling family demands might like regular short bursts of content.  Some markets won’t want text at all; they prefer video or audio.

When you work out the answers to these questions, you will begin to get a sense of what might work for you.  Draw up your plan and have a go. Your statistics will soon show what works and what doesn’t.  Remember that you aren’t pinned to a schedule.  Try posting on different days and at different times.  Try posting different types of content.  You’ll soon find the right pace.

And one more piece of advice…

When we begin blogging we often have the wrong focus.  When we ask “how often should we blog?” we are thinking of ourselves and not of our target market.  We’re seeing our blogs as something to benefit ourselves, which they will in the long run, but we should be looking at them as something that is of benefit to our market.  Look again at your answers to the questions above and make sure you are considering your target market. 

Focus on your clients.  If you are offering useful and interesting content on a regular basis, you’ll soon achieve your blogging goals.  

Need help with your blog? Anne Maybus can help you! She has a mission to banish the dullness from business writing. She believes that your business deserves to have personality shining out of every word. She writes content that catches your reader by the eye and pulls them pupil-first into the wonderful world of your business. Visit and on facebook and twitter too.

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