are you working on a biz plan for 2013?

things are crazy in december, right? you have got holiday promotions to run & orders to fill or work to accomplish by a deadline, not to mention all of the business of the holiday season with parties & events, plus your own personal to do list grows by a mile. to top it off 2013 is just around the corner and you feel like you need to start planning for the next year.

i don’t know about you but i always find it hard to concentrate on everything in december. i have so much to do but my brain is always wandering to the future… my mind full of ideas and possibilities and clean slates for the new year. 

this is the time of year i start itching to head to the nearest stationary store, buy myself pretty notebooks and fancy pens and funky post it notes and start doing some brainstorming. this year i want to try something a little different. creating a *real* plan for my business and my life for 2013. GASP! this is a shock to me.

confession time: i have never written a *proper* business plan. my planning consists of spiral notebooks and sharpie pens in many different colours, and a lot of brainstorming. i could never bring myself to writing out a traditional business plan, and any time i read about business planning my eyes go crossed and i just don’t care.

  • though i am a logical and a critical thinker, i am also a creative and visual.
  • though i am very organized and meticulous, i am also free spirited and intuitive.
  • though i am action & goal oriented, i also believe in the law of attraction and the power of positive mindset.
  • though i understand the value of quantitative measurement, i also value qualitative proof as well.
  • though i do follow advice, i also follow my gut.
  • though i am in biz for profit, i also must have PASSION.

and let’s face it, if you google ‘writing a business plan’ you are not going to find a lot of resources that take into account micro-biz owners who care about ALL of this. so i have been on the hunt for resources for people like me – and many of you i bet – people who are heart-centred, passion-driven, creative spirits who still want to create profit & success but can’t bear the thought of working through a stodgy business plan.

my first fabulous find is leonie dawson’s incredible year workbook + planner

leonie has both a biz and a life edition of this planner, and i snatched these up the second i saw them, mostly because i really wanted something visual and creative to work through – and at $9.95 for one or $17.95 for both, they are a steal. the pages are so pretty i am taking it to get printed. yay!

what i like best is that i can tuck the pages into my existing spiral notebook full of brainstorming – i don’t feel like i have to start all over again (or like the work i have already done planning is a waste of time.) click here to have a closer look at these.


i recently discovered the right-brain business plan from jennifer lee. 

this looks like biz planning i can get behind: creative, visual and fun. add some scissors, glue & my colourful sharpies and call it a win! (plus it looks like she has everything on sale right now, so that is a bonus!) click here to check it out.

up next is one that is not a biz planning book per se but it fits so perfectly with the theme of action + attraction, logic + creativity, profit + passion that i wanted to include it. 

the thing i really like about denise duffield thomas’s book lucky bitch is that is really just a different way of setting goals and working on achieving them. i would never have really thought of myself as being into manifesting or the law of attraction until i signed up for her free guide and it just clicked for me. finally goal setting that allowed room for the way i felt, for my passion & my fear, and addressed my existing mindsets instead of just the goal itself.

anyhow – i am incorporating everything i have learned from denise into my planning for next year. click here to look at the book and get her guide. she also has a fab package that includes the book & a 10 day course (for just $50!) that you can use over and over again to make a plan and knock a goal out of the park. it rocks. seriously. click here for that.

and if you want something that is a bit more guided than an ebook or workbook definitely have a look at this...

the mumpreneurs success road map from kathryn hocking is an excellent & flexible online course. this is what Kathryn has to say about it:

“This product is not called a Business Plan on purpose. Because it is not stuffy or boring and it is a highly visual strategy (rather than pages of writing) to guide you over the entire year and beyond. I know your time is precious (and you don’t have much of it!) so it can be written without having to do oodles of market research.”

sounds perfect, right? (and now is a good time to check it out because it looks like the price will increase in 2013). click here for all the details.

ok – there you have it! my round up of biz planning awesomeness – no more stodgy, boring, uninspiring, lame biz planning for us girls. time to embrace all of our sides and have some FUN planning for next year.

this is my pledge for 2013: planning for my business should ignite my spark as much as doing business does. this should be fun, it should be creative, it should inspire and motivate. i will keep post passion and profit in my plan. i will not get trapped by the *shoulds* instead i will give myself permission to be ME and let my business shine authentically.

will you join me?

* contains affiliate links. i will only recommend people and products i am passionate about, and that fit with my mission to help you build a little biz that SHINES.