are you stuck in a little business cul de sac?

i am currently working my way through marie forleo’s online business school, and one of the things that marie talks about is how we can get stuck in a ‘creative cul de sac’.

you know the feeling – when you keep going around and around one thing, one choice, one problem or hurdle, without ever moving forward.

"i just can’t decide on… a price. a website provider. a domain name. a logo colour. a topic for my blog post. something to send in a newsletter. what to call myself on my business card…"

really, just fill in the blank. i bet we all have something that we are stuck on at the moment.

the thing about those cul de sacs – they can really suck you in. like a black hole. or like the traffic circle on national lampoon’s vacation... going around and around and never getting anywhere.

you tell yourself that you just can’t move forward with your plans until you have _____ (fill in the blank) figured out.

days pass. weeks. even months.

you are ‘working hard on your little biz’ – but really making no progress.

"i want things to be perfect. i want to get it right the first time. i don’t want to make a mistake. i don't have all of the information. i am not sure it will work."

sound familiar?

seth godin recently wrote an awesome blog post about this – comparing working on our businesses to getting a tattoo.

the tattoo is permanent. your business decisions are not. they are all adjustable, fixable, changeable, figureoutable…

if you set the wrong price now, you can adjust it.

if you don’t have a domain name yet, you can figure that out as you go.

if you aren’t sure yet who your target customer is, start selling your thing and find out.

if you can’t decide which of your passions to focus on in your biz, start sharing them with the world – see what resonates.

if you don’t have the money yet to invest in a custom website and professional logo design and 1000 business cards - set up a free site, start selling your thing, and build some profits to put towards your business.

get started. figure it out as you go. it is ok if it is not perfect.

photographers have a phase in their business called portfolio building. we set goals for where it is we want to be (the prices we eventually want to charge, the people we want to work with, the products & services we aim to provide) and then we give ourselves time to build up our portfolio and progress towards our goals. we are supposed to learn as we go. we are supposed to make mistakes and get critiqued by our peers. we are supposed to evolve and change and figure things out.

can you do this for your business?

can you set your goals and make plans for where you need and want to be, and then give yourself permission to get started right now?

can you set yourself your own "porfolio building phase" knowing that it will not be perfect right now, but that everything is figureoutable?

start where you are. use what you have. do what you can. learn as you go. change things when you need to. 


PS - as i mentioned above, i made the choice to invest in myself and my business by doing a business course. this is one of the best choices i have made – i have clarity, i have purpose, i have a plan & concrete actions i am taking in my business, right now. my friends Janine and Jo have just launched their own online business school to help women in business – check it out by clicking here (FYI they have an awesome early bird price on right now). this is just the sort of thing that will help you get unstuck, get out of that cul de sac, and get started on your plans. sounds good right? sometimes we just need something or someone to give us a push. =)

(*affiliate link. i only ever recommend people or products that i beleive will truly help you shine.)