are you feeling stuck with your little biz?

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are you feeling stuck with your biz? do you love your product, but feel like you just don’t know how to get the word out about your business? do you feel like the strategies you are using just aren’t working, but you have no idea what to do next?

you are not alone! i hear this exact sentiment over and over from my clients and my readers. for most of us, our product idea was the catalyst that got us into biz but ‘the rest of the biz stuff’ is overwhelming!

start by taking a look at what you are doing so far:

  • does your pricing allow you to really make a profit (after you consider the number of hours you spend on making the product, marketing the product, selling & packaging & sending the product... as well as all of your costs of doing biz)?
  • does your pricing really demonstrate the value you offer, your expertise and your worth?
  • do you have a specific target audience in mind when you market your business?
  • do you understand what values, needs, problems, fears and desires they have?
  • do you understand the true benefits of your product? the things that you are really selling?
  • do you have a point of difference for your business or a way of positioning yourself that is different?
  • do you clearly communicate the ways in which your product meets needs, overcomes fears and stands out?
  • do you come up with marketing strategies and sales methods that are specific to the benefits of your product, the brand message that you send, the ideal customer you are targeting? 
  • do you get excited about marketing your biz and selling your products? are you selling your passion?

if any of your answers are “no” “not really” “i don’t think so” or “i don’t know” then that might explain why you are feeling stuck!

  • if you have been going along with an ‘if i build it, they will come’ approach to your biz…
  • if you are putting your biz ‘out there’ and just expecting customers to find you and love your thing and buy it…
  • if you are choosing marketing strategies and sales methods based on whatever feels easy or whatever everyone else is doing…
  • if you are uncomforatable marketing and selling your products (it feels yucky, difficult, or just plain scary)...

...then you are probably going to find that it is difficult to really make a success of your biz.

perhaps it is time to get serious about your little biz. perhaps it is time to look at the other parts of your business, besides the fact that you really love the thing you sell! while that may have been what got you started, a business is made up of a lot more than that.

and until you get all of those components working together, and working for you, you will probably stay stuck. just sayin’…

i want to help you get unstuck and i know my workshops will help you. so to offer as much help as i can, i have a special offer on for MAY/JUNE 2012.


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