april is the new january

i don't know about you, but i feel like the first quarter of the year has been a whirlwind.

normally i decide that the start of the new year is february first - since i live in australia and january is summer and school holidays it just makes sense. but this year january, february, and march have all sort of slipped past.

not that i haven't *done* anything. i had a major failure. and i started a revolution. so there's that.

maybe the first 3 months of the year haven't slipped past so much as roller-coastered past. with more ups and downs and twists and turns than i expected.

earlier in march i decided that rather than "soldier on" i would retreat. give myself a bit of a break from stressing about selling and pricing and marketing and launching and achieving and figuring everything out.

instead i got out of my head and into my heart and started talking about lighthouses. turns out that taking a bit of time to follow where you soul wants to lead is a good thing. i am feeling ready to roll again.

so i am declaring that april is the new january.

i am pressing the reset button.

i am going to toss out some of the plans i created in december & january and go back to dreaming & vision stage. i am going to erase some of the things on my to do list and refocus.

thankfully my boss is totally on board with this idea. she would rather see me excited about what's next than stressing about what's past.

(best thing about building a biz, you make the rules! your biz, your way.)

and it turns out that this is indeed a good time to start anew. NEW MOON in Aries heralds in a powerful new start. It is the beginning of the Astrological New Year.  (source)

i don't know very much about astrology  - sometimes things just randomly come across a news feed just when you need them - but reading that over the weekend just confirmed for me that declaring april to be the new january is a damn good idea.

happy new year! 2014 is going to be an amazing year. starting today. will you join me?

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