the time has come to close the doors on build a little biz.

i honestly never thought i would say that! just typing it freaks me out a little.

i've been running build a little biz for 4.5 years, since july 2010. it started as a "little blog on the side" where i could share what i was learning as i built my biz, and it grew and grew to be a huge, amazing community full of passionate women in biz, and it grew to become my full time biz. it's evolved, and i've evolved, and i know you have too. 

we are all simply on a journey!

as i reflected on my year and began to think about my vision for 2015, a few things really stood out to me.

1. the lighthouse revolution stuff was by far the most rewarding, most impactful, most scary, most fun, most resonating, and most actionable stuff that i did all year.

2. i no longer felt 100% aligned to the brand of "build a little biz". i felt like my plans were a chore, my vision was foggy, and my mojo was waning. i felt like something was holding me back, or like i had reached a ceiling.

3. i was spending most of my time on stuff that was not really helping me grow my biz and was not really in my zone of genius and was not really having the sort of impact that i was longing to create for women in biz.

i felt a bit stuck, to be really honest. a bit lost. 

for quite a few weeks i really struggled with what was making me feel stuck and what i was going to do about it. i was going around in circles.

and then i thought to myself - if i was my own client what would i tell me?

i would tell me that perhaps it was time to make some major changes, to rebrand, to start with a clean slate that i could build anything on (rather than feel constrained by my existing brand.) 

i would also take me through the steps and strategies of the "lighthouse revolution" - and so that is exactly what i have been doing… using the lighthouse strategies on my own biz to work out exactly what it is i want to build and how to share my message with the world.

and so, as sad as i am to say good bye to build a little biz... i know that it is the right next step for me to take.

on february first i will be launching my new online home at where i will be focusing, for the next while at least, on taking the lighthouse revolution to a whole new level… creating a signature program & community, holding live events, and working more intensively with women in biz.

as part of the launch i will have some awesome freebies to share with anyone who resonates with the lighthouse as a symbol for what we are doing both in our personal journey and our biz journey (as i believe these are intertwined!) and would like to learn more about how to not just build a biz but build a lighthouse instead.

i will have more information coming about that in a couple of weeks, so please do stay tuned!

whether you have been a long time follower of build a little biz or are a new visitor, i am so grateful for the support and i would love to keep connecting with you as you continue to build your biz and share your message with the world.  

pop over to to find out more about the lighthouse revolution and how it can help you as you build your business.

again, thank you so much for your support of build a little biz. i hope i have offered inspiration and ideas to help you build your biz, even as i have been building mine.

it's been an absolute honour to have you here.


PS - you might be interested in grabbing up the build a little biz workshops and workbooks before build a little biz officially closes down!

i've even created a build a little biz bundle that will save you more than 50% on the cost of the whole library of workbooks & workshops (if you want it all!)

(note: i will still be teaching strategies for branding and marketing and planning and more... but all of my teaching will now take place within the flagship program i am creating as part of the lighthouse revolution. so this is the last chance to grab the workbooks and workshops as they currently exist.)

click here for the workbooks, workshops, and the bundle

do grab the bundle or whichever workbooks/workshops you need to build your biz in 2015 - they will be retired as of JANUARY 20th!