an image is worth 1000 words. what will you say with yours?

1000 words watermark.jpg

they say an image is worth a thousand words.

and if we look at what is happening in social media right now, i believe that statement has never been more true! consider:

  • the unprecedented rise in popularity of Pinterest
  • the popularity of photo apps like Instagram that double as social media networks 
  • the emphasis that Facebook places on images for what people see in their newsfeeds
  • the new Facebook timelines which have made images stand out even more
  • the fact that Facebook just purchased Instagram which suggests that the emphasis on images is not changing any time soon
  • the migration of Google’s online photo editor Picnik over to Google+ to allow for easy editing and customization of images right on your Google+ profile

we are living in a visual world! and if you are not already making great use of images for marketing your business, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity. images are very easy for your fans to share, pin, tweet, embed, and print so they are a fantastic tool for spreading the word about your business. 

one great way to add images to your social media marketing is to outsource to another little biz (for instance i create images & graphics for biz owners)

but for you DIY types, there are also many online tools that you can use; with a little bit of time and exploration you can start creating great images for your biz right away.

here are 20 places you can create images & graphics for your biz:

the image above was taken on my android phone using the instagram app. the text was added with pixlr

  • edit, enhance, and add text to photos using online photo editors like pixlr or picmonkey
beach couple.jpg

i popped one of my favorite beach photos into pic monkey and added the frame and text.

i just popped some of the text from this post into the wordle app then played with the colours and fonts and let me tell you, this one is so fun! the tagxedo app looks very cool too.


the collage option in ipiccy will let you do collages like this. 

  • or create a style collage using polyvore
Use somebody

Use somebody




crewneck sweaters

image from the polyvore site

  • create an image slideshow using smilebox

i haven't tested this one yet, but i have a few ideas brewing...

cup of tea.png

this image is an example of what you can create at someecards- choose your image, your colour, and add your own text.

mindmap (1).jpg

i just quickly popped some ideas into the text2mindmap app, really quick and simple. 

  • print images & graphics on mini-cards along with your biz name to take the sharing off line - try moo

i like moo because in one pack of mini-cards or post cards or stickers you can use multiple images or quotes (upload your own or choose from theirs.)

no matter what type of business you have, you can enhance your marketing by using interesting, inspiring, funny, entertaining, informative, or beautiful images.

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