amplify your brand

a brand is so much more than a logo. so much more than your website banner or your business card or your packaging. it exists in every element of your business and in every interaction people have with your business.  and it is expressed by both the look & the voice of your business.

i put it to the facebook community and these are some of the responses:

a brand is...

  • a message
  • a promise
  • a symbol
  • a vibe
  • an overall feeling
  • an emotional connection
  • your identity
  • your personality
  • communication
  • the soul of your biz

i particularly like that last one. i have said that your customers are the heart of your business. they keep the life pumping in your biz, without them your biz would not survive. plus they add the love to your biz – they love what you do and you love being of service to them!

so if your brand is the soul of your business then it is the part that adds the character, the personality. it is the part that allows your biz to form connections with people. and it helps you get to the emotions of what you do & why you do it.

can your business survive without a brand? or with a bland brand? or with a lame brand? or without any brand clarity or purpose?

i suppose. but it would be a mere shell of what it could be. it would be a wasted opportunity. and it would be hard as hell to make it a success.

one of the things i am very passionate about is helping women in business to build a brand. to look professional, to stand out, to communicate their brand message.

the thing is, it is not enough to just build it. to get clarity on your brand, to include it in all parts of your business. you need to do more than that.

you need to spread that message wide and far, you need to share it loud and clear.

you need to amplify it.


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what would it mean to you and your business if you could amplify your brand?

  • stand out
  • look professional
  • send a clear message
  • be KNOWN for something
  • build trust
  • build recognition
  • compete in a crowded marketplace
  • differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • attract the right people
  • turn away the wrong people
  • let the right people know they are in the exact right place
  • help you connect with those right people
  • feel confident marketing
  • feel authentic marketing
  • help you come up with new ideas for marketing
  • have FUN marketing
  • act as a filter as you grow & evolve your business
  • stay on YOUR right path to success
  • demonstrate your value
  • earn money doing work you love

don’t we ALL want that for ourselves and our business?

take a moment to think about the brand you are building right now. does it allow you to do all of those things? if not, then it might be time to see how you can amplify your brand.

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