a super easy trick to help you cross promote your images

one of my favourite online tools is the click to tweet button. it is a awesome little app that allows you to preload a tweet and then add a link to any text so that people can very easily "click to tweet" (and you can share the link anywhere!)

try it: tweet this!

when i see a click to tweet call to action in a favourite blog post i always click it - it's just so easy!

i always wished that there was the same thing for pinterest.

on your blog you can add a "pin it" button to any image by inserting a bit of code into your blog post. (pinterest provides the code for you.)

but what about when you want to make it easy for people to pin your images from other platforms like your newsletter, twitter or facebook... where you can't just insert code?

especially facebook where there is no way to easily pin images - it drives me crazy when i can't pin the great images that i find there onto my my pinterest boards!

i figured out the way to create my own "pin it" links for any image

...and i wanted to share this handy little trick with you.

how to create a "click to pin" link for your images

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