ch..ch..ch..changes... timelines for facebook pages!

timeline for pages.jpg

yep, facebook is changing again. (just when you thought you had it figured out, right?)

and you know what that means: facebook is gonna be glitchy folks! so when it is not working, walk away, have a cold beer and maybe go pin something pretty.

this is the best post i have seen so far on all of the changes and what you can do with your page to make it rock: read all about the new timelines for pages here.

or if video tutorials that walk you through the changes step-by-step are what floats your boat – here is facebook’s walkthrough.

here are the highlights...


  • awesome, big! cover image (850x315 pixels). what a fab way to share your brand message, show your fans they are in the right place to have their needs met, describe the benfits of what you offer, be clear about your point of differenc... make a statement! 

 but careful before you make yours. covers may not include:

i.    price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it on socialmusic.com";

ii.    contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page's "About" section;

iii.    references to Facebook features or actions, such as "Like" or "Share" or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or

iv.    calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends." (terms)

  • the profile photo is a good spot for your logo or something brand related, make sure it looks good & is recognizable as your thumbnail when you post on facebook as your page. (profile photo size is 180x180 and becomes 32x32 as your thumbnail)
  • the page itself is wider and the photos that you post are nice and big, so images really stand out – find a way to include images in your posts!


  • you can no longer set a landing tab – everyone lands on your timeline
  • you can have up to 12 tabs/apps with 4 showing at the top (the rest are in a drop down menu)
  • 'photos' is the first tab and then you can choose the other 3 tabs you want to appear at the top
  • you can edit the image and the name of the tabs, so make them inviting to click! (tab images are 111x74 px)


  • “pin” important posts to show at the top of your page for 7 days - what an awesome way to feature promotions, special content, fan contribuitons and more!
  • “star” important posts to make them the full width - this will really make something stand out on your page, especially if you have an image/video with it
  •  “milestone” posts show the history of your biz – this could be a fun way to show off your brand eg when you started, when you introduced a popular item, when you hit a big like number, when you got some media attention…  the images for these posts can be nice and big! (843x403px)
  • you can still hide and delete posts (to find your hidden posts go to Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log > All > Spam)


  • the 'about' section of your info is now more prominent - use it it list your website and anly other important links (they are clickable!), a call to action, or any other info you want to highlight
  • there is a new admin panel at the top (which you can hide or open) to help you see notifications, messages, insights, etc.
  • fans can send you private messages (or continue to post publically on your page) – you will see messages in the admin section and you can disable this if you don’t like it.
  • you can change the name of your page! to fill out the form: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact_us.php?id=262629790471076

all pages will be switched over on march 30th – so enable the ‘preview’ of yours now so you can start getting used to it. hit publish when you are ready for the world to see your awesome new pages!

and yes, i know this change will piss some people off. but remember – facebook is a free service. we don’t have any say in any of this, we don’t own our little pages we are just borrowing the space. if it really bugs you, find a new playground to play in!

otherwise, look for the ways in which you can use the changes to your advantage! see this as an opportunity to try new things with your page, and connect with your fans in exciting new ways.

need help figuring out how to do that, exactly? i put together a guide to facebook for biz that is full of helpfull tips, useful information, and excellent ideas. 40 pages for just $19. don't just 'be on facebook', be AWESOME on facebook. click here to see what's in the guide.

how to get more interaction on your facebook page

be awesome.jpg

Pin It

we all know that the recent changes to facebook have effected how well our posts show up in newsfeeds. we have all felt the effects, i am sure!

i am still seeing pages comment ‘my posts aren’t showing up any more! if you want to see my posts in your newsfeed, click like!’ ummmmm, nice try but only people who are already seeing your posts in your newsfeed will click like, and that isn’t going to help you show up in anyone else’s newsfeed! and it actually doesn’t help that much for those likers either, your updates will show up for a bit but then fade away into obscurity once more.

long term, rich interaction is what you are after!

(read about edgerank – facebook’s algorithm for posts. sign up for edgerank checker)

here are some tips:

1. post often

once a day is probably not going to reach many people anymore, you should try to post every couple of hours if you can, or at least a few times each day.

check your insights. when do you get the most interaction? are there times you aren’t posting that you could make more effort on?

2. vary your posts

this is especially important if you are posting more often, but it will also help your edgerank. follow the 1:10 rule; for every 1 ‘salesy’ post (something for you) make 10 engaging posts (something for your fans).

trying to think of new things to post?

  • infographic
  • photograph
  • youtube video
  • article/website link
  • pinterest link/image
  • comic/cartoon/something funny
  • something snarky or sarcastic
  • something inspirational - a quote, verse, or saying
  • a question (yours or one from a reader/fan)
  • fan story/experience
  • comment on a news story
  • an opinion (yours or someone else’s)
  • instructions for something/a ‘how to’
  • your review of something

3. have a call to action

it is not enough to just post something interesting, if you want people to engage on your page you need to ask them to respond to the things you post!

not only will this improve your ‘talking about’ numbers and make your posts show up more often in newsfeeds, you will also get to actually engage with your fans. and isn’t that the point of a facebook page after all. (keep the social in social media people!)

make it simple and fun for fans to engage. what seems to work well?

  • shorter posts seem to get more engagement than long ones.
  • asking fans to reply with just one or a few words will often get the most engagement.
  • people also seem to love providing their opinions and advice so that is a great thing to ask for too.

need some ideas to vary your call to action and get people responding? try these:

  • fill in the blank
  • vote on your favourite
  • click ‘like’ if you agree
  • click ‘share’ and post to your page – help us spread the word
  • offer your opinion – what do you think?
  • give your advice – can you help?
  • true/false
  • yes/no/maybe (or as i always ask: yay/nay/meh)
  • =) / =( / =|  (or try:  like/dislike/don’t care if you aren’t into smileys)
  • thumbs up/thumbs down 
  • on a scale of one to ten, give a rating
  • what is wrong with this graphic/sentence/photograph?

4. use your page in new ways

you don’t have to (and in fact shouldn’t) use your page to sell sell sell your thing all the time. think about your target (your ideal customer or right people) – what interests them? what fears do they have? what problems? what would be entertaining to them? what would THEY like to share or talk about.

  • ask fans to submit their best instagram photos
  • ask fans to post a favorite website/shop/blog/magazine/youtube video/song/book/quote/kids toy
  • ask fans to share a story or experience
  • have a fun contest/competition (no prize necessary but the glory!)
  • have theme days: Q/A day, funny image day, best recipe day, most awesome pinterest find day, helpful tip day, eye-candy to get your through a crappy monday day (hello! i would pop by and visit just for that!)

just imagine that your facebook page is like having a little coffee corner in your shop (or a cocktail hour. hello! i would pop by and visit just for that!) if your 'right people' could pop in and have a coffee and chat, what would you chat about?

have fun. make it fun. that’s the beauty of facebook. it is not your shop. it is a place to make your shop more personal, engaging, and appealing.

what can you do to create that with your page?

would you like more ideas for using facebook for your biz? would you like to get answers to all of your facebook questions? would you like to kick ass on facebook? click here for the “facebook for biz” brainstorm.

what do the changes to facebook mean for your little biz?

facebook changes.jpg

of course, it has been a week of changes on facebook with the addition of new lists, subscribe buttons, newsfeed and ticker.

and there are still more changes to come as the new profile pages roll out, and application security tightens.

what does this mean for you as a business builder?

#1. glitches

whenever facebook rolls out changes, things get glitchy. so if your page starts behaving funny, if things don’t work as they usually do, chill out. take a break, get a beer and go sit in the sun. almost always the glitches go away after a few days, so don’t panic. okay?

#2. you need good information

don’t get stressed out about every status update telling you what to do with the new facebook. the amount of misinformation, incorrect information, and just plain ridiculous information out there is crazy. my lovely friend nic from market me has a great post on getting real about facebook changes and it contains some links to reputable sources of facebook information.

my go-to sources are mashable, social media examiner and all facebook.

take some time to read real facts and tutorials about the facebook changes (don’t just rely on hearsay), and figure out how to make them work best for you – consider the ways in which you can organize your own profile so that facebook remains fun and not overwhelming, and also consider what you need to take into account for your own privacy as well as that of your friends.

#3. you have no ownership over your space on facebook

remember that facebook isn’t and shouldn’t be the “be all end all” for your business. i have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. facebook is a free service to users - it is not a collective, a cooperative or a boardroom. we do not have any ownership over our little piece of property on facebook. and like it or not, for better or for worse, we as users don't really have much of a say. unless everyone, en masse, were to leave facebook then i don't really think the powers that be give one iota what we like or dislike about the changes.

i think some of the changes will be good ones, and some will be frustrating, but if we want to stay and play in this playground then we gotta just suck it up and make the best of the opportunities we have here.

i see this as a reminder that my 'spot' here is about community and engagement, and that everything else i do for my business needs to take place on my own little piece of real estate that i have control over.

#4. your marketing strategy should be about awesomeness not likes

the changes to newsfeeds and personal profiles should not affect how your market your business. if you have been doing it well in the first place that is! facebook has always been best for businesses who are using it to truly engage with their right people. that is not going to change, if anything i think facebook will come up with ways to make that even better. the changes they are making seem to be all about upping the game and making facebook even more interactive and engaging.

because of the changes to the newsfeed, the addition of the ticker, the new way of showing lists and the more complex profiles that will be coming, it will be more important than ever that your business page not just add to the noise but to be so awesome that people continue to want to hear from you.

facebook has always had an algorithm for what shows up in the news feed, that has not changed! so these posts from pages asking you to like a comment so they stay in your newsfeed are a bit silly, and to be honest feel kind of icky and spam-ish. the algorithm seems to favour posts from friends over brands, and we have little control over what facebook does with that algorithm.

so i urge you to stop adding to the noise on the newsfeed by begging people to like your comment so that your page remains on their feed. instead provide so much awesomeness with your page that people automatically make you a top story or add your page to their lists because they genuinely don’t want to miss a thing.

right now people are trying to figure out how to make the new facebook work best for them. they may be creating lists so that they can keep track of what’s important. they may be unsubscribing from people and pages so that they can remove the noise from feeds and keep up with what’s important. they may be tagging people and pages as top stories so they can be sure to keep up with what’s important. here is an idea – work hard on being what’s important to your right people.

be so valuable to your clients that they won’t want to miss what is happening on your page. be helpful, be entertaining, be useful, be awesome.

#5. your marketing strategy should make the most of the tools you are using

maybe it is time to step up your game. if the changes to facebook are freaking you out because what you used to do is not going to work anymore, stop complaining and start getting innovative. what can you do to create a better experience on facebook for your right people? what can you do with your page to stand out in the crowd? what can you do to make the most of the changes, to create new experiences on facebook?

it appears that changes to the way ‘likes’ work mean that when someone likes your page, a wall comment, a post in the newsfeed, or on a friend’s profile that like no longer shows up in their newsfeed. this means that you can’t rely on friends of likers to see your page show up on their newsfeed and catch their interest. you can’t rely on the numbers game. instead you need to be engaging and create a community where your likers will actively tell their friends about your page. you need to step up your game.

instead of following the pack, think outside the box and come up with new ways to engage your fans. a social media marketing strategy is best when it is about quality not quantity. when you concentrate on true fans not likes and likers. when you actually live your brand message, and create a community of like minded people. use this as an opportunity to rise about the heap and stand out!

some of my fabulous online friends have written about this as well – cas from support a wahp reminds us that we need to concentrate on engagement and amanda from foyster’s communication tells us why meaningful is the new black.

#6. your marketing strategy cannot be at the mercy of facebook

your business strategies need to be successful no matter what changes a third party makes. we can't rely on facebook for any kind of consistency or longevity. facebook could decide next week to change the algorithms, or that pages won't show up in newsfeeds only profiles will, or to introduce a new way for fans to like brands, or to change the way pages work altogether.

we can't rely on an external source that we have no control over to grow our business. we can only rely on our own actions & strategies. so having a plan to provide fans with what they really need from you, no matter the platform, is a better strategy than asking fans to like a post.

as a business you should be able to keep trucking along no matter what changes facebook makes, rather than have your strategies fall apart on you because facebook made a change.

just sayin’.

more about what facebook’s changes mean for marketing (hint it is not the # of likes)

more about what you should really be measuring on facebook (hint it is not the # of likes)

facebook rules: blocking spam & shutting down pages


yesterday on the build a little biz facebook page we had a lot of discussion about facebook pages getting shut down or blocked from posting... i thought i would compile everything we have figured out so far in one handy spot. i will update this post as i know and learn more! 

silent tagging & marching:

i can confirm 100% that facebook is blocking pages from doing silent tagging/silent marching.

to find out more about what silent tagging and marching is, please read this post from support a whap. basically these are tagging games where you like all of the pages that have tagged themselves in the comments, which you can quickly do by hovering over their name and clicking like.

when you get blocked by facebook you get a pop up that tells you you are being spammy, forces you to check a box agreeing that you understand facebook terms & conditions and then blocks you for 15 days from posting on pages. it blocks you from posting as your personal profile as well as your biz profile (but you can still post on your own pages) so it makes interacting on facebook difficult!

it seems to boil down to the amount, repetition & timing of your posts - this post explains why facebook decides you are being spammy.

so liking a heap of pages in a row (as you do with silent tagging) is a flag to facebook. 

getting blocked for other reasons:

i discovered the hard way that posting a similar comment on a number of pages repeatedly will also get you blocked. i was letting biz pages know they had been featured in the recent build a little biz post on newsletters and posted to 6 pages in a row a genuine thank you comment before i got blocked for being spammy. 

i have also heard of other situations where people have been blocked for tagging multiple pages in short succession, for embedding images repeatedly in a single comment thread and for doing a similar comment on a number or posts on their page wall. i cannot find any specific information from facebook about what will get you blocked but it seems to boil down to this:

if you are tagging/commenting/posting/sharing/embedding in quick succession, or in a repetitive fashion, then facebook might decide you are spammy.  remember: this is an algorithm that determines spammy posting. facebook has an idea of what 'normal behaviour by real people' is, and anything outside of that gets flagged as spam. 

of course posting, tagging etc. is completely acceptable on facebook. just be slow and steady and 'real' about it - spreading out your tags/posts, writing original comments (not cut & paste) and not being repetitive.

one more note about spam/tagging:

facebook statement of rights & responsibilities include these statements:

  • You will not send or otherwise post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on Facebook.

this is pretty vague, but it is what you are agreeing to. if facebook is determining spam by repetition, timing, quantity, etc. than that is what we need to consider when taking action on facebook!

  • You will not tag users or send email invitations to non-users without their consent.

so here is an idea - ask yourself if the person you are tagging would want you to tag them. if the answer is no, or if you would be too uncomfortable asking, then that might be an indication that tagging them is spam-ish.

promotions: contests, competitions & giveaways

facebook also appears to be cracking down on people who are running promos that are against the rules, which is not that surprising as we have known about these rules for a while now.

a promo involves a PRIZE of monetary value and a WINNER by chance or skill.

if you hold a promo on facebook you must use a 3rd party app. you can hold a promo off of facebook (on your blog, or email or whatever) and communicate about it on fb but be absolutely sure that whatever promo you hold does not require anybody to take any action on faceook. no tagging, liking, commenting, sharing, posting, messaging etc. as a way of being involved in the promo. it is not allowed, and will get your page shut down. 

here is my post explaining facebook rules (it is well worth a read) and in it you will find links to all of facebooks rules and guidelines - i would advise reading through them yourself so you are aware of what they say.


i have not been able to confirm nor find any concrete information about facebook shutting down or blocking pages due to auctions. facebook does not have guidelines for people SELLING GOODS on facebook. you are allowed to sell stuff on your page. (you should be aware of the guidelines that are there just to be sure, for example if you are advertising a sale.)  

as far as i can tell a true auction which results in the highest bidder making a purchase should be allowed. (if an auction is for charity be sure you follow the rules of your state/country as facebook will not be happy if you break legal, local rules.)

having said that, i have seen many pages run auctions that are really just giveaways in disguise - where the item is purchased for a stupidly small amount of money or bought using some sort of play money like 'gift bucks' of the like that the person has won/earned. i would not be surprised if facebook shut pages down for these types of 'auctions' - they are in my mind still a promotion (with a winner & prize).

it is also possible that a page would be be shut down if an auction involves requiring people to like/tag/post etc. as that looks a bit like a promo which is against the rules. and if people are suddenly tagging/liking/commenting etc in that repeated unusual pattern that i mentioned above then it would possibly get you blocked for spamming/

so bottom line about auctions is that i am hoping that facebook is not shutting pages down for holding them, as they have not made it clear that is is an unacceptable practice. if i hear or find anything concrete about auctions i will update this post and share any information i find.

in the mean time - if you are having an auction (or any kind of sale for that matter) make sure you are truly selling your goods, don't use words like winner and prize, and don't ask people to do things like tag/like/comment that could be construed as spammy or in violoation of promotion rules.

last note:

this is a very good reminder of a few things:

you have no ownership of your little piece of facebook real estate - you are merely a squatter at the mercy of facebook's ever changing rules, lack of transparency and general glitchiness. use facebook to genuinely interact with people, set up your own site to run your business.

all of this tagging business actually is kind of spam-ish. and gaining likers that way isn't really going to help your business. focus on your true fans people, and genuinely interacting with them.

  • we should be aware of how our actions as page owners are percieved.

try not to be spam-ish when selling your thing

5 ways to not be spam-ish on your facebook page

5 ways to not be spam-ish on other facebook pages

i hope this info helps everyone with a biz page on facebook. be sure to sign up for the toolbox newsletter as i share posts about facebook there all the time - that way you won't miss anything important if it doesn't show up in your facebook newsfeed. =)

5 rules to help you NOT be spam-ish on your facebook page

spam-ish on your facebook page.jpg

i recently wrote a post that gave 5 rules for not being spam-ish on facebook – which focused on how you promote your biz on other pages. this is part 2 of that post – how to not be spam-ish on your own facebook page.

remember… spam is anything that is unsolicited, indiscriminate, repetitive, impersonal

#1 - quality not quantity

this post from marketing magazine states that 44% of users will ‘unlike’ you for overposting. the last thing you want to do is lose the likers you have!  the question is what is the right amount to post?

the answer is completely dependent on your biz and your right people. i tell people not to worry about the quantity so much as the quality of your posts. if you are providing the thing that your people really want from you then they will be thrilled to see your post come up in their newsfeed.

the best kind of post, the right number (and the right time of day) is different for each business. it will take some trial and error to figure it out, but keep track of when you get the most engagement, and the type of post you have made to get it.

a good rule of thumb is to spread your posts out and vary the type of post you make. no matter how often you do end up posting, never post a large number of items in a row. filling a newsfeed with 10 posts from your biz one minute after the other screams spam-ish, no matter how awesome those posts are!

#2 - selling your thing

stop selling your thing. seriously. look, I get that this is your business, and clearly you need to sell your thing. but not on facebook ALL THE TIME. imagine facebook as being like the local community fair and your page is one booth there. sure, some of the people are there to buy stuff. but some are there just to browse, to say hi, or say nice stuff. some are only there to socialize with their friends and gossip about the neighborhood. that entire crowd DOES NOT want to hear you shouting out about your fabulous sale all freaking day long! that’s not why they hang out on facebook.

I won’t go on about this too much because I already wrote a post explaining why you need to stop selling your thing. definitely have a read,  have a totally different argument over there that doesn’t involve fairs or gossip.

the rule of thumb is this: for every one post you make promoting your thing make at least 5 posts that aren’t about you tooting your product horn.

this goes back to quality of posts… what else can you post about? well think about what your right people, your true fans need from you. share helpful links, ask questions that fit your niche and product, share helpful tips, hints & suggestions, be funny or witty or controversial even.  be helpful!! oh, have i mentioned that already?

#3 - be helpful

i believe in this so much that i am adding it as a rule. whenever i post about spam-ish behavior on facebook i inevitably get a comment along the lines of “well how am i supposed to promote my business and get likers then?”

this is my answer. and i have mentioned it a number of times so maybe you have heard me say this before. but this is my "huge secret" to success.

i have nearly 3000 fans for my facebook page, in just one year.

not because i shout out, or tag, or promote myself on other pages, or sell my thing constantly, or stop by pages and like in return for a like, or have referral contests or giveaways.

i provide my true fans with something they need. when i am helpful they share my links, give me a shout out, or tag my page – without me ever asking for them to do so.

so that is what you use facebook for – connect with your right people, find out all of the little ways you can help them, and then do it. and do it well. become the go-to person for whatever your little niche is. be helpful and genuine and engaging and just plain awesome.

your new facebook rule: be awesome.

#4 - tagging

tagging  can be a super way to engage with other pages, but in my opinion there is a right way and a wrong way. the wrong way is spam-ish and can result in you losing your likers, but also pissing off a whole heap of pages you are trying to engage with.

rule of thumb – in your post tag ONE business and then give a reason for the shout out. a shout out to 6 random businesses for no real reason will mostly get ignored. a ‘hey check out my thing’ type posts with 6 businesses tagged at the end is purely spam-ish.  

reasons to tag? a genuine shout out to a biz you want to share with your likers, and the reason why your fans should check them out. a credit to a page that where you found a link, image, tip etc.  a thank you to a biz or page that you connected with or was helpful to you.

#5 - adding photos

rule of thumb – do not add one photo to your sales/product album at a time, multiple times in a row. this is a rule i added after a number of people commented that they found this incredibly spam-ish.

add a chunk of images to one album at once, and wait until a later date to add more, or just add one photo in one night because you want to highlight that product for some reason.

a newsfeed clogged with 15 of your images added one by one feels spam-ish . people will likely skim over the entire thing, or worse hide or unlike your page.

have a plan

i mentioned this in part one of the post, so it is not a new rule. but I will just remind you again. create a plan for marketing your biz on facebook.

decide what you want to accomplish with your page: are you trying to find out what your people need so you can come up with new product ideas? are you trying to show that you are an expert in your field? are you trying to find a way to engage with your customers & show them how much you adore them? are you trying to stand out amongst the crowd?

i hope i have convinced you that your plan should not just be ‘sell your thing’. facebook is called social media for a reason. it is not called ‘a place to sell things’ – notice the differences between ebay and facebook? use those differences to your advantage. put the social back into your facebook page.

bottom line...

i the end, not everyone will agree on what is indeed spam-ish on facebook. one person’s spam is another person’s secret to success. whether you agree with my take on being spam-ish or not, that is not the point. the point is, what do YOUR TRUE FANS think is spam-ish? you might have the best intentions in the world, but if your page feels spam-ish to a liker, then say good-bye.  don’t you think your fans are worth keeping?

further reading:

understanding the rules: the CANs & CANNOTs of facebook

updated: may 13th.

new rules.jpg

i have posted a lot of this information in previous posts but i thought it might be handy to have it all in one spot. please note: if i have listed something as a CANNOT it means it is against facebook rules/guidelines and if you choose to do it anyways, you risk having both your user profile and your page(s) deleted by facebook.

in other words, i didn’t make these rules. i am just putting them in a handy list for you. i have linked to the actual rules down below, so you can read them for yourself. ok, here we go...

user profiles:

you CAN have a user profile (also called a personal profile) that is really you, with your real name, for your personal stuff. you signed up for that when you started facebook.

you CANNOT have more than one user profile.

you CANNOT have a fake user profile – not a name that is not you, not your biz name, not a fake profile for running your biz page.

you CANNOT have a user profile that is your biz name or some combination of your name and your biz.

you CANNOT use your user profile for making money, advertising, promoting your biz. make a page for that.


you CAN create as many pages as you like – for businesses, NPO’s, charities, tv shows you love. whatever.

you CAN choose the type of page you want to have - and now you CAN change the type of page you have set!

you CAN do business stuff on your page – sell, advertise, market, promote, discount, publicize... have at er. that's what pages are for!

you CAN give likers of your page special deals, prices, sales, etc.

you CAN customize your page.

you CAN add other admins to your page – add people you know and trust to help your run your page.

you CANNOT have fake user profiles be admins of your page.

you CAN create a username for your page – this allows you to have a nice, neat URL like facebook.com/buildalittlebiz instead of a bunch of numbers, letters & symbols.

you CANNOT infringe on another business’s copyrights with your biz name, username, logo image, or any other content on your page.

you CANNOT have a name for your page that has excessive capitalization, no captialization, or excessive use of symbols - as per the page guidelines


***note***  on may 11th 2011 facebook changed it's guidelines for promotions. this post has been updated to reflect the *new rules*.

note the following definitions:

administration = the operation of any element of the promotion, such as collecting entries, conducting a drawing, judging entries, or notifying winners.

communication =  promoting, advertising or referencing a promotion in any way on Facebook, e.g., in ads, on a Page, or in a Wall post.

contest or competition= a promotion that includes a prize of monetary value and a winner determined on the basis of skill (i.e., through judging based on specific criteria).

sweepstakes = a promotion that includes a prize of monetary value and a winner selected on the basis of chance.

what do the rules mean?

you CAN communicate about oradminister a promotion on your fb page.

you MUST administer your promotion with apps on facebook.com

  • 'apps on facebook' seems to be a framework for developers to create applications. i imagine that you can still use 'paid for' promotion applications i such as wildfire or easypromos, as well as other 3rd party applications. as i learn more about 'apps on facebook' i will update this post...

you MUST be aware of the lawfulness of your promotion (check the rules in your geographic location)

you CAN require that people like your page, check into your place, or connect to your app before entering your promotion

you CANNOT automatically enter someone into your promotion just because the like your page 

  • this means you CANNOT have a promotion such as giving a way a prize to a random liker when you reach a certain goal. your likers must choose to and properly enter the promotion.

you CANNOT ask people to take any other action on facebook to enter a promotion

  • this means you CANNOT as people to like a status update, tag photos, upload photos, update their status, leave a comment, or write on your page wall to enter a promotion. 

you CANNOT ask people to take an action on facebook to vote as part of a promotion

  • this means you CANNOT ask people to 'like' a status or image, or type vote or some other comment

you CANNOT use facebook to notify the winner of your promotion.

  • this means you CANNOT notify the winner with a post on your page, a post on their page or profile or the use of the facebook messaging system

you CANNOT associate facebook with your promotion or use the facebook name, trademark, copyright etc and you MUST include the following:

  1. complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.
  2. acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
  3. disclosure that the participant is providing information to [disclose recipient(s) of information] and not to Facebook.

so the bottom line is this: you can have a promotion. you can get people to like your page but cannot get them to do anything else on facebook. use an application or run your promo off of facebook. and make sure you include those 3 things listed above.

some other notes: 

you CAN use a 3rd party application (for instance contact tab, newsletter tab, flickr etc.) to collect info or content from your entries 

you CAN administer your promotion on your own site and communicate about it on facebook

you CAN ask likers to click on a link on your facebook page that will take them to your promotion on your website, email, newsletter, blog or twitter.

you CAN use fb to communicate the winner's name after they have been notified 

you CAN use your page to SELL your stuff however you want. these rules are for promotions with a PRIZE AND A WINNER. if you want to get people to tag, vote, like, comment, post photos, share, refer etc. as a method of selling your thing, go for it.


you CAN conduct your biz however you choose on your facebook page. but be careful – admins of pages can 'hide' your post which marks it as spam, or worse they can ban your page or report you to fb.

DON’T post too frequently – on fb 2-3 times a day is enough. anything more is spam-ish. (quality over quantity folks!!)

DON’T post unsolicited messages – unless i told you my page was for promoting your stuff (and there are pages for that) don’t use my page to sell your stuff. it’s rude. and spam-ish.

DON’T be impersonal – if you post the same message over and over while tagging multiple pages it looks like you have a robot running your biz. that’s feels spam-ish. try to be real. try to be genuine.

DON’T be indiscriminate – such as randomly tagging pages as you mention your stuff. totally spam-ish. try instead to match your post with the purpose of the page you are tagging or posting on. find people on fb who actually want to hear about your stuff.


your fb profile CAN be hacked. and your hard work can disappear, not to mention the issue of your personal information being stolen.

DO have a strong password and change it often

DON’T add accept every friend request, indiscriminately. find out how they know you first. add people that you have connected with on pages and walls.

DON’T open every link that is sent to you. a lot of links, videos, messages, quizzes are malware. if something looks fishy don’t open it. if you open something and it looks fishy, stop clicking thru!

DON’T trust every email sent to you. facebook for instance is not going to send you an email or direct message asking you to enter a new password or other personal details.

there you have it! be aware of the rules. be smart about running your page. and be safe.

do you need further clarification on something here? please leave a comment, i will do my best to help you out! =)

further reading and links to resources: 

5 rules to help you NOT be spam-ish on other facebook pages

facebook spam.jpg

last week we had a big chat on the build a little biz facebook page about facebook after i shared this article about facebook seagulls who are “someone who likes your page then craps on your wall.”

best. analogy. ever.

100+ comments on my facebook wall led me to the conclusion that this is a topic worth exploring. i have compiled the tipss and advice into one handy post that i hope will help you use facebook to promote your biz in a more effective and ethical way.


lets just start with a reminder about what makes something spam-ish. i wrote a whole post on this, so do go check that out, but the key ingredients to spam are these:

  • unsolicited
  • indiscriminate
  • repetitive
  • impersonal

you need to keep those points in mind. if you are doing those things, then you are being spam-ish. stop now, and do better from now on. okay?

rule #1 – imagine the page is a shop

it has become common practice on facebook to say ‘hi’ on another biz page, asking for a like in return for yours, as a way to grow your fan base. i received some mixed opinions about this practice when i asked, with some people saying |no way. it’s rude and i hate when people do that to me”, some saying “as long as they are just saying hi and not promoting their biz on my page” and some saying “how else are you supposed to promote your biz?”.

we’ll get back to that last opinion later, but i would like to suggest a rule of thumb. if you wouldn’t walk into someone’s shop and do it, don’t do it on their page.

  • if you had a shop and you noticed a great new shop just opened up down the street, you may in fact pop in and have a look around and say hi to the owner. introducing yourself, saying your shop is just down the street, and telling the owner what you love about their shop would be reasonable.
  • you wouldn’t walk in and shout: hi i like your shop, so like mine too!!  umm. that feels awkward just to type, i can’t actually imagine saying that to a store owner in person. so why would you do it on facebook.
  • you wouldn’t walk in and shout: hi everyone! i am having a huge sale in my shop. everyone come over to my store now. when i get 50 people in there i will give away a prize! can you imagine? would someone actually have the balls to do that in real life? yah, don’t do that on someone’s page. it is rude to use someone else’s business to promote yours.

rule #2 –  follow the example on the page

there are some pages that have the purpose of promoting businesses on facebook. so if what you want is a place to shout ‘hey i’m having a sale’, a contest or whatever, then find one of those pages to do that. market me has a great list of facebook pages that are good for this sort of promoting.

for every other page you visit, here is another rule of thumb. have a good look around the page before adding a comment.

  • what does the purpose of the page appear to be?
  • what does the page owner seem to comment on/respond to?
  • what do the fans seem to comment on/respond to?

this will give you an idea of what type of post would be welcome on that page, and what type will actually result in a real interaction with the people there.

rule #3 – be genuine

i think part of the reason people are starting to be so sick of the spam-ish posting and tagging on facebook is that sooooooo many people are doing it now. it used to be ok for the odd self promoting post to show up on a wall but now it is just too much. it is almost as though people have that ‘well everyone is doing it’ mentality so everyone just keeps doing it. 

just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it ok, and certainly doesn’t mean it works. 

facebook works best when it is used for truly engaging with people. it is called ‘social’ media for a reason. so here is another rule of thumb for you:  be engaging. be personal. actually attempt to make a real connection with people.

  • if you are truly wanting to ‘pop into a shop’ and introduce yourself then post as yourself not your business. certainly mention your business, but posting as you shows the owner that YOU are the one who likes their page. you like what they do.
  • posting as your business has a place, definitely. but if you are trying to connect with people, consider that it might work better to post as you. if you do post as your business then leave your name as well. it is a lot easier to say hi back to a person then it is to say hi to a business name.
  • take some time to look around at the page and make a comment about why you like their stuff, or ask a question for their expertise, or share a compliment that you heard about them. again, imagine you are in their shop and trying to strike up a conversation!
  • and leave the excessive symbols and embellishments off of your posts. even if you have genuine intentions to make a connection, it makes you look spam-ish. just sayin’.

rule #4 – decide what you want

another thing you should consider is this: what is your ultimate goal here? are you trying to get likers (just higher numbers) or true fans ( people who LOVE your stuff and purchase from your biz)? i wrote about likers vs true fans before so i do recommend you read that post too.

my next rule is to have a plan in mind before you go off posting on other people’s pages.

consider it this way, if you had a shop selling women’s fashion would you be more inclined to pop in to the neighboring auto supply shop or the designer shoe store? where would you rather place your efforts in making connections and building relationships?

it is the same on facebook. decide what it is you hope to accomplish by visiting business pages and ‘saying hi’. are you looking to create a synergistic relationship with a business owner in a complimentary field? or perhaps you would like to develop a mentorship with someone in the same field as you? or perhaps you want to find out where your target market is hanging out?

rule #5 – what you think doesn’t matter

you might be thinking “other people are doing it, why shouldn’t i?” or perhaps you are thinking “i just stopped in to say hi? that’s not spam, why was it deleted?” or maybe you are thinking “how else am i supposed to grow my page. that is what facebook is for!” whatever your arguments are, forget them.

my last rule is this: if others perceive your posts as being spam-ish, then that’s what they are.

it doesn’t really matter what your motivation is, your intentions with your post or your feelings about spam… a page owner doesn’t know or frankly care about any of that. if they see your post as spam then your post will be marked as spam. you might even be blocked or reported. they will be protective of their page and their business and will do whatever they need to do to keep their fans happy.

so it is better to worry less about your intentions and more about how your actions are being perceived by others. if you follow the 5 rules you should be fine – if you are behaving as you would if you walked into a shop and struck up a conversation and if you are being genuine and engaging with the purpose of building real connections then that will come across.

generally, a page owner can sniff out a poster that has the sole purpose of shamelessly promoting their stuff. it’s yucky and it makes you spam-ish. so stop trying to sell your stuff all the time, think about how your posts look to others, and keep it real. if you do, people will ‘like’ you because they actually like you. imagine that!

we're not done...

this post has focused on how you interact on other facebook pages but there is a whole other side to the coin – and that is what you use your own page for. that is a topic for another post: how not to be spam-ish on your own facebook page.

do you have advice to add to this list? how do you interact on other  pages without being spam-ish? what would you tell page owners about their ‘spam-ish’ posts on your page?

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beyond facebook: 5 marketing strategies that just might be more effective!

marketing off of facebook.jpg

i get a lot of questions on my facebook page and email about using facebook to promote your business.

how do i get more likers? how do i get my likers to buy my stuff? how do i run a competition so i can get more likers for my page? how do i promote my page without being spam-ish?

these are all valid questions and i am happy to help people use facebook to its fullest potential. but i would like to remind you that facebook is not the be-all, end-all to your biz growth and success.

in fact there are some drawbacks to focusing all of your time and effort to marketing on facebook – many people tend to view facebook as a place to find freebies and bargains, many do not use it with the goal of making a purchase, and depending on how you use your page it can end up making your biz look unprofessional.

so, i suggest that you turn your attention away from your facebook page for a moment and consider the other ways in which you are marketing your biz.


let’s just start with a quick reminder of what marketing is, as i know there are some misconceptions about marketing and it actually can be quite an intimidating prospect for many little biz builders.

i am going to quote one of my marketing idols, naomi dunford from ittybiz.com, because once I read this i never forgot it and i hope it clicks for you just as well…

marketing is simply “the shit you do to get people to buy your shit”.

see? simple. when you put it like that it ain’t so scary. (by the way if you want to learn more marketing gems like that one go sign up for the ittybiz.com free marketing ecourse. awesomeness.)

so, aside from trying to get likes on facebook, what are you doing to get people to buy your thing?

focus on exisiting customers

many of the people who have already supported your biz and purchased your thing are your ‘right people’ or ideal customers. what are you doing to keep them coming back for more?

possible ideas: a VIP club, a loyalty card, a ‘thank you’ gift, voucher redeemable on their next purchase, a simple check in to see how they are doing or if they have any further questions etc.

encourage word of mouth

your ideal customer likely has friends who would also be ideal customers. what are you doing to encourage them to pass your name on?

possible ideas: a referral program with incentives for your customer to pass your name on, hand out a limited number of ‘exclusive bonuses’ for your customers to give to their friends, simply providing extra biz cards/brochures in your packages to customers

seek out your right people

while your ideal customers may indeed be on facebook, there are many other places they are hanging out, and catching their attention in those places is often easier than it is on facebook with it’s constant & random stream of information.

possible ideas: getting a display or sample products into the shops your people hang out, asking relevant bloggers or publications to review your product or service, commenting on or writing guests posts for the blogs/forums that your people read

synergy with complementary businesses

there are likely little businesses out there with complementary products to yours, with a similar target market as yours, and run by mums like you who are trying to find new ways to market their thing. why not partner up and combine your efforts?

possible ideas: creating a package that combines two or more complementary products/services, trading banner ad space, displaying products/brochures in each other’s shops, discount codes for one product when the other is purchased, reviewing each other’s products.

have a social media plan

facebook (and other social media sites) can be great marketing tools, but it is best to have a plan and a purpose in mind. remember marketing is the shit you do to get people to buy your shit. so just getting likes on on facebook is not enough. what is your overall goal for your facebook page? what can you do with your page that will get people into your shop?

possible ideas: start a blog that will benefit your right people and then link it to your page which will drive traffic to your site, start an opt in newsletter so you can directly contact your right people and include the sign up on your page, interact with customers to find out what problems they need solving and use that info to create products they will love, use your page to offer expert advice and solve your customers problems – this builds trust and loyalty so people will be more likely to buy your thing.

what are some other marketing strategies that you have tried, either online or off? what methods work well for your biz?

further reading:

stop putting all of your eggs in the facebook basket!

get off facebook.jpg

many biz builders are experiencing some frustration with facebook these days:

~ pages disappearing

~ photos albums disappearing

~ problems with tagging, commenting etc.

~ admins not having access to edit their page

~ rules that are hard to understand

~ potential hackers, glitches, bugs...

and it is not like there is an easy way to get answers from facebook. really, i do get your frustration. here is my solution for you.

stop relying on facebook as the sole spot you do your biz

facebook is wonderful for certain purposes. it is great for:

  • networking with potential clients, other biz owners, your ‘people’
  • promoting & generating buzz and interest
  • driving traffic to your ‘shop’

but facebook should not be your ‘shop’. you need to have your own ‘shop’ off of facebook. either a website, a blog, or even a madeit/etsy/ebay store. something besides just facebook.

here’s why:

  • reliablity – fb is glitchy and because of that unreliable. things disappear, don’t work, work again, don’t work again. if you have your own site, and are not relying on fb to run your biz, these glitches are annoying. not earth shattering.
  • control – fb changes things all the time, and those changes are completely out of your control. just  when you have something working, or something figured out it changes. have your own site that YOU control and that you can set up to work perfectly for your biz.
  • ownership – you are using facebook’s brand and facebook’s space to sell your thing. facebook benefits from your hard work. why not get your own little piece of internet real estate? purchasing your own domain name is cheap. and it’s yours!
  • support – when fb is glitchy, unreliable and ever-changing it is really hard to find help or answers. you can’t ring up facebook and ask WTF? if you have your own site you can have tech support when things go wrong, which makes problems a lot easier to solve.
  • professionalism – let’s face it. sometimes it seems like every mum out there is opening up a little biz on facebook. i am a big fan of competition and believe there is room for all of us. but if you want to stand out among the crowd of mum-photo/ hairclip/ cake/ jewelry/ logo/ wallart/ decor/ tshirt/ clothing/ hat/ insertyourthinghere-makers then a good start would be having a ‘shop’ off of facebook. 

~ if you look established, professional & competent (even if you have only been in biz for 5 minutes) then people will think you must be the pro.  it is a lot easier to deal with competition when you conduct your biz in the most professional manner possible.

facebook problems do not get me down

look, i am not knocking facebook here. i love facebook. i love the 1000+ likers i woke up to the build a little biz page this morning. (so much awesomeness there!) i love connecting with each and every one of my fans and the folks whom i am fans of. if my page suddenly disappeared tomorrow, yes i would be a bit annoyed (who wouldn’t miss 1000+ fans?). but honestly, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  • my content (the accumulation of my hard work) would all still exist on my blog. so the loss of a fb page does not mean the loss of all of my work.
  • i have a newsletter to keep in touch with my true fans – the ones who really want to hear from me – it would be easy to ask them to follow me to a new page.
  • my shopping cart (if i were selling something) would be on my own site, or i would have an online ‘store’ off of facebook. so while my promoting and networking might be affected by the loss of a page, my ability to sell my thing would not.

the part where i make a radical suggestion

if you are just starting out with your little biz idea and you are only on facebook at the moment and you are basically running a hobby then good for you! you have to just get started and get out there and this is a perfect start!

but if you are serious about building your litte biz, and really making a success of it, this is what you need to do:

  • get your page up, start promoting your thing, start finding your true fans
  • and then put your energy/time/resources into getting your biz off of fb. you need your own website  or at the very least your own blog. you can make your own website using a site like squarespace  or perhaps you could hire one of your fellow biz building mums to do it for you: support one of their businesses while building your own.

i really think the time we are investing into figuring out facebook, fixing our facebook pages, and using facebook to do all of our biz stuff, could be better invested into building your own ‘shop’, off of facebook. just sayin’

what do you think? do you agree? or do you think facebook is a fine place to have your biz. do you trust facebook after all of these problems people have been having? are you confident that your biz would be fine even if your facebook page disappeared? please leave a comment. i would love to hear from you. =)

making the most of your little biz facebook page


i have a facebook page for this blog. and i have a page for my little biz: smile.play.love. photography. i spend a lot of time on facebook chatting with other mums who have a little home biz, as well as with pros in biz and social media. i know there are many mums getting a start with their biz using facebook exclusively to promote their stuff, yet i still see some common mistakes being made.

create a page for your biz.

first off, you should know the facebook ‘rules’. basically:

*** you cannot have more than one username/personal profile. if you have one for 'you' and one for 'your biz' they could both be deleted.

*** 'users' cannot use facebook for making money, advertising, promoting stuff etc. business pages are allowed to do this. if you use your user profile for biz it can be deleted.

what you need to do is: 

  1. have your own user account/personal profile, which is what you create when you sign up for facebook (eg. karen gunton)
  2. then you need to create a page for your biz. (eg smile.play.love. photography). 

do NOT create a personal profile using your biz name (eg karen gunton {smile.play.love}, karen gunton - photographer, karen's photography page, etc.). do NOT create a second 'fake' account/profile for administering your biz page.

do use your personal profile to 'like' pages and connect with people. do use your biz page to do all of your biz promoting, marketing, selling etc. 

there are a number of reasons why you need to do this:

~ if you don’t, you run the risk of having everything deleted. not worth it.

~ if you use a ‘profile’ to promote your biz, people have to become friends with you to see anything, interact, comment etc. this exposes their entire personal profile to you and people don’t like that. you will lose opportunites to gain fans. if you have a page people can ‘like’ it and still keep their privacy. win win.

~ pages show up in searches on google etc. user profiles do not. you want your biz to show up in a search!

~ pages allow you to send a message to all fans. your personal/user profile does not.

~ pages are fully customizable. you can design a page that is useful for your biz by adding applications and tabs. (more info on this downthe page...)

note: facebook has an option for to create a business account for administering biz pages (rather than signing up for a personal account.) there are restrictions to this, one being that you can’t add applications to customize your page, and also it is more difficult to interact with likers. using your personal profile still seems a better option, i think the business account is meant to be for large companies.

a bit about 'personal' vs 'biz':

look, i get why people want to have a separate user profile for their biz. some people want to keep biz and personal stuff separate, some people are worried about privacy. but it really isn’t worth the risk of having your hard work deleted.

~ keep your profile settings private. just because you like a page, comment on a page, or chat with a client online, they can’t see anything set to private. you have to add them as a friend for that. (privacy settings are found under the account tab in the top right corner of facebook)

~ create lists so you can keep personal connections and business connections separate (to do this, click account in the top right corner, then edit friends, then create list.)

~ hide feeds from pages or friends to keep your news feed from getting to cluttered (to do this hover on the top right corner of a post and click that x. it will ask you if you want to hide posts from that page ore person.)

~ don’t worry too much about keeping everything separate. why not connect with clients as youinstead of your biz? you are the face behind your biz, let people see that you are a real person!

here and here is some more information on keeping your business separate from your personal profile, if that is your concern.

set up your page:

~ brand it. your biz page should clearly match your biz – use the same colours, fonts etc and display your logo prominently.

~ utilize the full space you have for your profile picture. your image can be 180px wide by 540 tall. use it!

~ adjust your thumbnail so that it looks good when you post something (just click on it to adjust it). the thumbnail is square shape, so it is best if you have one square part of your image that is recognizable as belonging to your biz.

~ be clear. is what you sell obvious to any newcomer? (i hate having to search around to figure out what a person is selling.) use the box below your image to clearly describe your biz. are your contact details easy to find? your website? your location? edit your information tab to clearly share these details.

btw - you can't change the catagories for your info tab. the catagories you have available to you are based on the type of page you chose when you created your page. one option is to add an extended info tab, see the link below.

set a username for your page (also sometimes called a vanity URL). this means the URL for your page goes from looking something like this: facebook.com/pages/php_smile_play_love_uid=13093357 to this: facebook.com/smileplaylove. better right? you only need 25 likers to set a user name, but you have to set a username for your own personal profile first.

btw – once you set your username, you can’t change it. so you are thinking at all of changing your biz name, do it before you set your username!

~ tagging people and businesses is a great way of connecting with others on facebook. (just don’t spam them. people love a shout out, an interaction, a thank you, a helpful link – they do not like to be spammed by your stuff randomly and repeatedly.) to tag a person or a page all you have to do is add the @ symbol before you start typing the name. as you type, the name will come up and you just click on it. you have to like the page or be friends with the person for it to work.

~ if you want to show up as your biz page (and logo thumbnail) instead of your personal profile on a page you like, just leave a comment on your own page while tagging that biz page. the comment will show up in both places, and will have your biz page name and logo on it.

~ while we are on the topic of spamming, stop selling your thing all of the time! don’t clog up your liker’s news feeds with constant pleas to buy your stuff. they will hide your feed, or unlike your page, or ignore you. if you want to remain on your fans' radar be helpful, engaging, helpful, funny, or helpful. a good rule of thumb – for every post where you try to sell your thing, make 10 posts that are of the other variety (commenting on others, asking questions, being engaging, being informative, helping others, entertaining others.)

customize your page:

~ there are awesome applications out there to help you customize your page by adding tabs that are applicable for your biz. be aware though that you can only show 6 tabs on your page, and 2 of them have to be the wall and the info tabs. so choose wisely for your biz, no need to overwhelm people!

btw - the other tabs are still there, you just have to click on the >> to see them, and not everyone does that. make sure your most important tabs are showing, you can rearrange tabs by holding your click and moving them.

~ add a welcome page. every new visitor to your site will see the welcome first! what you need to do:

  • create a jpeg file to insert into your welcome tab that has details about your biz, is branded to match your biz, and has a call to action: LIKE THIS PAGE! 
  • your image can be a max of 520 px wide
  • your jpeg file has to be hosted on a separate site (flicker, your own website or blog). 
  • go to edit welcome tab and insert the following code with the URL location of your image
  • you can make that welcome page image clickable – meaning if someone clicks on it it takes them to your website, etsy page etc. to do that, insert this code instead: <a href="insert URL of your image here ">

~other great tabs that could be awesome for your biz:

NOTE: some of these applications will add a tab to your page for you. others require you to add a static FBML tab which you then name and insert the application. this is very easy.

  • add the static FBML application to your page ('like' and then click 'add to page' on the left). 
  • go to your page, click 'edit page' and click on the FBML application. you just name the tab and then in the FBML box you insert code: such as the code provided by the newsletter app, the contact form app or others.
  • to add additional FBML tabs go back to the edit FBML area and look at the very bottom, click on 'add additional FBML boxes'. you will have a new FBML app in the edit area to customize. 

do more with your page:

~ as i mentioned don’t just use your page to sell your thing all of the time. use it to engage with people! facebook has a number of integrated tabs and features that are easy to add to your wall. (just click on the + button by your tabs to add these to your page....)

~ you can add a discussion tab. ask questions or start discussions about stuff your fans and ideal clients are interested in.

~ add notes to your page: you can write longer informative posts, import information from your blog each time you post, and even tag others.

~ use your photo albums. post photos of your products. invite likers to post photos, perhaps of your stuff in their homes! invite other mum biz’ers to post a photo with their logo, maybe you have the same sort of ideal client and can promote each other.

~ start a group – groups are kind of like clubs or forums - a place for people to hang out and chat. you can set the privacy settings so to only make them available to your customers – you have to invite people to join or approve them if they ask to join. or start a public group for people with the same interest as you. it can be a fun way to connect with others.

UPDATE: groups just got even better: now including group chats, notifications, and facebook docs! facebook still expects your biz/brand/product/sales related stuff to remain on your biz page, but groups can be a way to interact with your likers away from your biz page (without having to become their 'friend')

~ host an event - either the online variety (a contest, meetup, or question & answer period) or an in-person one (an event at your store, or and invitation to a market you are attending).

~ use your page to publicize promotions, give-aways, contests and more. make it fun and beneficial for people to like your page. (but be careful with this, facebook has rules about promotions too. my next post will focus on promotions to help you navigate the rules and hold a successful promotion.

do you have a question? do you have another application or tab that you would like to share with us? do you need help with your page? please leave a comment! i’d love to hear your tips and we have lots of folks who are happy to help out if they can =)