7 Strategies to accelerate your online product launch

from guest author kathryn hocking

So you've finally taken the step and decided to create your own eCourse or eWorkbook (or perhaps you've already got it created and you are ready to launch!)

A big fear with launching eProducts is that no one buy. What if I only get a few purchases or enrolments? What if I don't reach my expected numbers? What if I launch to "crickets" and am left wondering if anyone is even out there? 

Whilst there is so much potential to earn passive income from eProducts it is safe to say that a well thought out strategy is critical to the success of your launch.

I'm going to share with you 7 strategies for a successful launch:

1. Build Anticipation and excitement

Almost as soon as you have your idea for an eCourse or information product I recommend that you start talking about it. Post about your idea on social media and then as you are creating the resources, developing the branding and getting ready to launch make sure you take your tribe on the journey through your newsletter and social media. The aim here is to build excitement and have them wanting to sign-up before they ever see the sales page (and the price).

2. Build your list

Before you officially launch your offering start building your list with leads who are likely to be interested in this offering. There are many ways to do this including:

  • a basic 'keep me notified' opt-in for those who want to know as soon as its launched
  • a 30 day FREE  email challenge dealing with a topic related to your offering
  • a downloadable FREE resource such as a template, printable, worksheet, workbook or guide

The aim here is to showcase your expertise and knowledge in a more basic form than they will receive in the paid product. This builds trust, engagement and a recognition of your expertise in this subject and builds your list.

3. Build Authentic Scarcity

When you launch your offering make sure you impart a sense of urgency to purchase in your sales page and email communications. Some ways to do this are:

  • Cap enrollment numbers
  • Have special bonuses for the first 3 or 5 people to enroll
  • Have an early-bird price that provides signifcant savings if they sign-up by a certain date
  • Express that it won't run again for a lengthy period of time or that you don't know when it will be run again.

All of these things build a sense of urgency in your potential participant.

4. Gain engagement & trust in your expertise

For some people, particularly those who are new to your website or your list a great sales page will not be enough to convince them to buy. You should consider running an additional engagement strategy during your launch such as a free training webinar.

A webinar builds connection with you as they can hear your voice and get to know your personality and by you giving away some valuable free content provides a higher level of trust in your expertise and therefore a desire to work with you.

This strategy is particularly important for premium offerings and I would recommend them for price ranges over $500. However, they can be very effective at any price level!

5. Manage your mindset

Launches can be really nerve wracking particularly when you have invested a lot of time and money into your new offering. I still get really nervous with each launch despite having a proven track record!

But keeping a positive frame of mind is critical to your success and your sanity!

Some of the things I do to manage my mindset are:

  • have positive affirmations relating to my enrollment goals that I repeat daily
  • listen to abundance meditations
  • go for a walk or do some yoga if I am focusing on the fear or lack of enrollments - anything to get away from that computer!
  • focus on something positive and action-orientated that I can do (see tip 7)

6. Always give generously and be of service

It has taken me a while to get my head around the fact that I need to give generously in order to attract people to my offerings. There is always the fear that you are giving away too much and then the potential customer will not buy, however, I have found the opposite to be true. The more I give away for free - the easier my launches become as I have built the trust factor long before I ask them to buy.

7. Take inspired action

Amazing rewards through passive income are a very real opportunity, however, generally it doesn't just fall into your hands. You need to be taking real, tangible steps every day during your launch to get your offering seen by more and more people. Do whatever you can to achieve this such as regularly posting to social media, writing great blogs, submitting guest blogs, finding affiliates to help you promote your offering, running webinars and creating other freebies.

For more great strategies on how to have a successful five-figure launch, including the exact strategies I use for $30k+ launches, sign up to my webinar on the 23rd January here. You will also receive a free strategy blueprint and worksheet prior to the webinar.

Kathryn Hocking is the director of Reverie Coaching and creator of the acclaimed program the e-course Launch Formula where she guides passionate entrepreneurs through a step-by-step process of developing profitable ecourses aligned to their passion work.

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