5 reasons you need a blog

i have mentioned this before on this blog and on the build a little biz facebook page. i think blogging is a great marketing strategy for all of us little biz builders.

you might be thinking "i already have a website. or a facebook page. or a newsletter. (or whatever online marketing you are already doing). why do i need a blog?”

here's why:

1. connecting.

if you think of your website as your “shop” blogging is the equivalent of wandering around the shop and chatting up the customers. this is your chance to connect with people. your website has all the stuff about what you sell, but your blog can have the stuff about who you are, why you do it, how you do it and why your stuff is awesome.

2. story telling.

people love a good story. and people love to pass on a good story about something they bought. and people don’t mind paying for something if there is an awesome story to go with it. if you knit baby products using the finest organic enviro-friendly non-allergenic softest-ever fibres, then write about it. show people why your thing is so fantastic they just have to have it.

3. get exposure.

think about your ideal customer. what would they love to read about every day? now start writing about that thing. if you are selling handmade wooden toys for little boys and your ideal customer has wild little boys who seem to get into trouble, then why not start telling those stories on your blog? or ones about little girls. or mums. or friendship. or travelling. or baby stories. or birth stories. or wedding stories. you get the idea.

4. search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is basically how to get your site to move higher on the list when someone does a search for your thing. blogs are great for SEO because you can write posts each day that focus on the key words people are searching for. if you sell beaded jewellery and you want people who are searching for ‘bridesmaid gifts’ to find your website then write a post about why your beaded jewellery is the perfect thing for a bride to give to her bridesmaids. include photos and examples and link to information on your site. this is how you build your SEO.

5. stand out.

i talk about this all the time. how are you going to stand out among the crowd? blogs are a great way to really start rocking your brand by developing your writing voice, showing your style and personality, and posting about things you love that maybe don’t fit on your website but will make you stand out. if you sell handbags and absolutely love all things fashion, then use your blog to talk about handbags and shoes and jewellery and clothes and post outfits so people can see how you put it all together. become the go-to for fashion advice and people will buy your handbags. be you. be real. be memorable!

bonus reason.

if you don’t have a website yet, even more reason to have a blog. start a blog now and later you can grow it into a full biz website. 

i bet you are wondering:

what do i blog about? who will read my blog? where do i get started? how do i write the posts? when should i be posting? how do i track my results? 

i can help you with all of those things. the build a blog blueprint will take you step by step through starting your blog and making it an awesome asset to your little biz. find out more about the blueprint here.

(and if you have already started a blog, awesome! the build a blog blueprint can help you make it an effective and fun marketing strategy for your biz. it will help you with content ideas, targeting your ideal customers, and rocking their world with fabulous posts.)

do you need some inspiration?

here are 15 inspiring examples of blogs run by a little biz. go have a look and get some ideas!

by the way, i am not the only one telling you that you need a blog... (just in case i haven't convinced you yet...)

what questions do you have about blogging? what is holding you back? leave a comment, i would love to hear from you!