5 reasons why building a brand will help you as you build your biz

branding for JSO.jpg

are you just getting started with your little biz? or maybe you are ready to turn your hobby into a business? i would bet you have a giant list of all the things you need to do, plan, figure out, and research the answers to. i want you to go check that list right now. where on your list have you placed ‘build a brand’?

let me guess, it’s not on the list. you might have ‘pick a name’. check. ‘design a logo’. check. but a brand is so much more than these two things. your brand is the message you are sending the world about your biz. and it exists in so much more than your logo – it is there in every aspect of your biz and in every interaction customers have with your biz.

think about it this way. would you like this for your little biz?

1. would you like to look professional and make a strong first impression?

even if you are just starting out, maybe even only on facebook, taking the time now to define and build your brand will make your business look and feel professional. if you take your business seriously, then others will too!

2. would you like your customers to trust that you can deliver on your promise?

the key to building trust is to be consistent with your brand message, and to follow through with the promise you make every time you send that message. your customers should know they are in the right place to find exactly what they need, and get it when they ask for it!

3. would you like your little biz to stand out amongst the competition?

there are a lot of little, mum-run businesses starting up every day. how are you going to stand out? having a strong brand message that appeals to your customers, building a brand that is both unique and memorable, and building brand recognition. that’s how!

4. would you like to successfully sell your thing?

part of your brand is your product. the thing you sell! (you do want to sell something, right?). by building a strong brand you will be defining the strengths of your product, your benefits, your unique selling point. this will help you set your prices, package your products, and sell them your people!

5. would you like to find the ideal customer who would love to buy your thing?

another part of your brand is your target market. the person you are selling to! clearly defining your ideal client and your niche, along with the ways in which your product is the dream solution for those people will help you with your plans for marketing, promoting, advertising, publicity and more!

building a brand does not have to be a daunting thing. in fact it does not even have to be another item on your to do list. all you have to do is keep your brand in mind AS you work on those other items on your list. your branding and the rest of your biz building tasks should go hand in hand.

if you need help with you brand, have a look at the "new and improved" build a brand blueprint - this is a step by step workbook for creating a stand out brand message. you can read more about this blueprint here.

the build a brand blueprint will also help you even if you already have a logo, a biz name, a tagline you love and also if you need to do some rebranding

do you have a question about building a brand or about brand messages and how they help your biz?