31 things i learned from AH-MAY-ZING biz builders

i spent the past few days in queensland, australia at problogger event. i know a bunch of people will be doing up blog posts of their top tips - the stuff they learned from the sessions. but for me, looking through my very full notebook, it is not the tips that stand out, it is the powerful messages i heard all weekend.

my notebook is full of reminders to be ME, to keep ingniting my SPARK, to keep building relationships and connecting with people, to be authentic, to share my story, to amplify my brand... basically all of the things i am working on every day!

so i will leave the "top tips" for the other bloggers and instead share with you some of the powerful messages i heard over the weekend. 

these are the things that gave me goosebumps, sent tingles up my spine, felt like a kick in the ass, or sometimes yes... even brought tears to my eyes.  


get unstuck

don’t let yourself lost in the overwhelm. know your goals. then choose the things that will move you towards your goals. darren rowse

fear is a signal that something important is a about to happen. pay attention to it. darren rowse

your desire for FREEDOM needs to outweigh the fear. (you know, those fears of lack of experience, lack of skill, lack of knowledge…) amy porterfield

fear of judgement - fear that people wouldn’t like me - made me boring. it made me middle of the road. when i got real - when i shared my fears - i got an amazing response from my fans. it helped me find my voice again. brook mcclarey

do what you love. it doesn’t matter who shows up – you can build off that core and do ancillary things related to your core. trey ratcliff

you are more than your successes and what people say about you. find ways to build up yourself worth so you don’t rely on other people for your worth. darren rowse

don’t let yourself get totally stuck (in comparison, in fear) – write about it. turn it into an opportunity. phoebe montague

obstacles can be hurdles that you jump over or fences that contain you. it’s your choice. darren rowse

sometimes take your eyes off your obstacles, raise them up and focus on your dreams. what is YOUR dream? you might not know exactly yet, you might need to start again, but keep thinking about it. keep dreaming. darren rowse

just start. if you wait until everything is just perfect it will never happen. start now. tsh oxenreider 


amplifying your brand

a brand is the story that you tell people about your biz.  jess van den

a good brand is polarizing. you don’t want to be bland. you can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try. tsh oxenreider

embrace your weirdness. weird is good. the things that are weird about you are great starters for blog posts, relate those things back to your mission and to your audience. tsh oxenreider

you don’t realize what is cool about yourself because you’re so deep into yourself. your blog is that place to explore that, to share it. trey ratcliff

the more i blog, the more good things happen. trevor young

bloggers blog because they want to change the world. bernadette jiwa

change your brand (or blog, or direction)when it doesn’t reflect your true self – your strengths and your passions – or when your right people know longer know your message. tsh oxenreider

become a student of yourself – master your strengths instead of improving your weaknesses – and become a student of your readers – what do they want and need? tsh oxenreider

you are unique. make YOU your competitive advantage. darren rowse


customer love

your bio should not be about what you do but about the effect that you have on the people you work with. yvonne adele

when you are selling stuff, think about PEOPLE not percentages. if you take care of people the numbers with come. shayne tilley

the way to build a community of people who love you and will follow you wherever you go is to CARE about the people you serve. and that has everything to do with your mission. clare bowditch

every blip on your analytics is a person who is searching for something. it is not about getting attention, it is about serving people. bernadette jiwa

relevance is the new remarkable. if you want to do great things you need to be relevant to the people who matter to you. don’t aim to be top of mind, be close to heart. bernadette jiwa


finding your spark

you are the only artist in your life. (in that seat. in this room. in this country. in this universe.) what do you want to do with your one wild and crazy life? what is your mission in this life? what problem will you solve? clare bowditch

it’s better to have a weird brain. you want to be different. people who are different do interesting things in the world. i like my weird brain. trey ratcliff

i stopped worrying about what everyone else was thinking about me. people are always so worried. be yourself. people who like you for you will softly come into your world. trey ratcliff

you can get trapped into this other life you never really wanted. five years ago i embraced the life i wanted – i went fully “right brain” and dropped all that “left brain” stuff - art & creativity felt “right” in my soul. i thank god that i live in the now. the more you live in the now, the more the universe will unfold just as it’s supposed to. trey ratcliff

people push you down into a box, want you not to stray outside. but you need to ignore them, let the rocks they throw at you fall. fully explore your own path. be uniquely you. fight back with awesome. trey ratcliff

we all have a gentle throbbing in the back of our brain saying we are meant to do great things. we just might not know what that is yet, but we have to try. don’t worry about the worst that can happen, ask “what is the BEST that can happen?” trey ratcliff

You want this amazing life

But you can't decide

You think you have to be fully formed already

Don't you?

You want an amazing life

But you can't decide

You don't have to be just one thing

But you have to start with something

clare bowditch – amazing life

(full disclosure... this is the part that made me cry. when clare bowditch got on stage in her bare feet with her guitar and sang her song amazing life to a room full of 400 bloggers & biz builders... well it was a moment i will never forget!) 

which of these things is just what you needed to hear today? 

please pin it - share it on facebook - or tweet it. i would so love to know what resonates with you! 

you can still get a virtual ticket to problogger event - get over 31 hours of tips and inspiration from succesful, talented, and knowledgable biz builders. if inspiration is what you need my top picks are trey ratcliff 's key note "live in the now" and clare bowditch's powerful "how to do what you want."

for more practical actionable tips it is hard to just choose a few (as there were 27 sessions full of these!) - but amy porterfield's "facebook marekting success" was worth the price of a ticket all on it's own (yes it was that good!) and shayne tilley's sessions on "selling stuff" and "creating products" take up a lot of space in my notebook. 

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