3 ways to keep your focus on your customers during your holiday promotions

i know the christmas holday season can be a very busy time for businesses, and i am sure our minds are all swimming with the products & services we can promote, sales & promos we can run, and the ways we can make the most of the rush.

in all of the holiday craze, please try to keep one thing in mind...

your customers.


1. how you can HELP them.


don't just post product photos and urge people to buy now. show your customers how you can help them! when they see your marketing, they want to know "what's in it for me?" so be very clear about how you can make a difference to them.

for example, can you help them...  choose gifts for the whole family, organize their time this busy season, feel great about themselves. make great parenting decisions... (or whatever your business can offer them.) remember, your business is not about you. it is about them.

your people are going to be inundated with holiday sales pushes, it get's overwhelming and exhausting. so be the calm oasis in a sea of craziness, be the biz owner that helps their customers.

2. how you can make it EASY for them.


imagine all of the things your customers & clients are worrying & stressing about this season. what would the ultimate solution look like to them?

in north america an office supply store called staples displays an 'easy button'. what would the easy button look like in your store? could you : include wrapping/gift tag and ship the items directly to the recipients? change your office hours short term to accommodate busy schedules? take care of all of the details for someone so they don't have to add more items to their to do list?

many many people are willing to pay more for something that makes life easier, and are extremely loyal to the businesses that offer it. be the business that has an easy button.

3. how you can THANK them.


without people, you have no business. and though you may feel incredibly busy right now focusing on selling your products, take some time to appreciate your people. 

micro-businesses are often built upon relationships, organically & authentically, through genuine connection. the holidays are a perfect opportunity to honour those connections and say thank you to the people who have supported you all year long.

and don't just email a quick thank you and promo code (that is the sort of thing a big box store might do in the effort to appear genuine.) find a way to send a personal, genuine thank you. a hand written note, an inspiring or entertaining card, a small gift that will help your customers or make life easier for them - find a way to show them that you really do care about them.

i can help you this season too. if you need help creating promotional flyers, branded thank you or holiday cards, branded packaging items for the holidays, etc. i can help. i offer creative design services and am teaching biz builders how to make their own in this workshop. if you need new marketing ideas to make the most of this season i have 188 ideas for you here. let me know if you have any questions!

what will you do this busy season for your customers & clients? add your ideas below!