three ways to get more eyeballs on your blog posts


by guest author Jane Copeland

jane runs a very popular blog called coping with jane and is known as the "fairy blogmother" in her online biz programs, so i asked her if she could help answer one of the questions i get asked most often about blogging for biz - "how do i get more people reading my posts?"  

Three ways to get more eyeballs on your posts

Having a blog where you can create and publish content regularly, is a fantastic way to engage with potential and existing customers and turn them into raving fans.

On your blog you can showcase your product, knowledge and expertise, which builds credibility and attracts opportunity. It can be a key tool in enabling your customers to get to know, like and trust you which is integral to people deciding to do business with you. 

When you build trust by offering valuable content, you turn your audience’s precious attention into long-term interest that drives repeat traffic and sales.

This is of course if you can get people to read your blog posts in the first place! While you probably already know the importance of blogging, you might be thinking yeah that’s great but how do you get your blog posts read and build your audience when you’re starting from scratch?

This is a great question because it’s important to understand that just having a blog and publishing posts, will not grow your online business. You need smart strategies to leverage your online presence in combination with your blog, which attract more of the right customers to you.

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Let’s take a look at three of the best ways you can get more of the right people reading your blog posts.

1. Create online alliances and connections

Creating relationships with other bloggers and building your online network is one of the most important things you can do to boost your blog’s audience and get your blog posts read. This is because doing so can open the door for you to tap into larger audiences that your own. Here are three easy ways to get you started:

Generate some good comment karma. A simple way of creating a relationship with other bloggers is to comment on their blogs regularly. You would be amazed at how much good karma this generates and how likely it is that they will visit your blog in return.

Another way is to guest post on other blogs. Guest posting is so powerful because you get the opportunity to reach a lot of new readers and potential subscribers (especially if you do it on bigger blogs, or on blogs in a different, but overlapping niche).

Interview other bloggers/ big players/ key experts in your niche. Not only does interviewing other key players in your niche increase your own authority by association, but you  get to leverage that person’s network and popularity as it’s likely that the person you interviewed will share your post with their network.

2. Push the right buttons

Does your audience care what you are writing about?

In order to answer this question you’ll first need to have a good understanding of who you are talking to, and who your ideal reader is. Because if you don’t know who you are talking to then how can you know what to say and what they want to know about.

Tip: Create things people will want to link to. Figure out what everyone in your space needs and would love to have. 

Botton line, know who you are talking to, speak directly to this person and provide useful information.

3. Get good at writing the most important part of your post

As people scan headlines, the headline that you’ve put on your post better be a great one, or nobody will even make it to your first sentence. It’s therefore essential to give every blog post a magnetic headline.

A magnetic headline is a title for your post that is enticing and compelling enough for the prospective reader to want to continue reading your post, or motivate them to click on the link to view your post. At its essence a compelling headline must promise some kind of benefit to the reader, in trade for the value time it takes to read more.

As the headline is so important, it’s worthwhile getting good at writing them. The good news is that one of the best training available is actually free. Check out the  Magnetic Headline series on Copyblogger. The next best training is to practice and practice…

Start implementing the above three suggestions and start seeing more eyeballs on your blog posts!

Jane Copeland is the founder of, an author & FairyBlogmother.

After giving birth to her first child 2 years ago Jane realised her dreams of going back to her senior management job were quickly becoming a distant memory. As a result she set up the blogazine Jane now makes a living from her blog, helping other women and business owners build their online presence. Jane will be hosting a FREE online workshop next Wednesday on "7 Secrets to Building an Online Brand That Makes You Money” Register for free here.