ask the expert | Maximum Impact, Minimum Time: Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Presence Effortlessly and Effectively

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today we are introducing a new expert partner to build a little biz. Prerna Malik is a social media rock star and a social media manager for a number of small businesses. 

As a busy mom and small business owner, chances are you realize how important it is to have a presence on various social media networks but the odds are that you don’t have enough time to stay on top of them all.

While one easy option is to (ahem!) hire a social media manager to update your social profiles and engage and interact with your community, you can always be more productive by using some of the amazing tools and applications designed to help you manage your social presence.

Here’s a look at some of the best options in the market:


One of the best social media dashboards out there, HootSuite not only lets you update multiple social networks at one go, you also get comprehensive statistics to show you whether your efforts are bearing fruit or not. You can use it to update, schedule and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in one go. It also allows you to integrate your Foursquare account, should you need that. 


Like HootSuite, Tweetdeck, too, allows you to update and manage your social media accounts from one place. However, unlike the former, this tool does not give you analytics that you can use to tailor your social media strategy. Having said that, I have used Tweetdeck for long and, quite love the fact that I can set up columns for my tweetchats and Twitter parties and follow the conversation quickly and easily. 

Also, it is incredibly easy for you to set up and manage multiple Twitter accounts, should you have different ones for your personal professional lives.


Figuring out when to tweet or post can be really difficult but CrowdBooster simplifies it for you. Your dashboard not allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts for pages that you administer but also shows you the best times to post, top fans or influential followers, fan or follower growth. All these numbers in one place are great for creating a robust social media strategy that can help you have the maximum impact with minimum effort. Cool!

Manage Flitter 

Want to know who’s following you and who isn’t? Or maybe weed out the inactive, dormant accounts so that your list is clean and consists of engaged followers? Turn to Manage Flitter. While the application is only for Twitter and you can link it to Google+, it is a timesaver, since you can clean up your Follower list in next to no time.


This social media dashboard is still in beta but shows a LOT of promise and potential. Why? Not only can you manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts from this application, but can also manage your email and your Instant Messaging accounts, such as YahooIM! and others. Plus, if you have an iPhone, you can always download their application and stay synced while on the go as well.

How do YOU make managing your social media presence effortless and effective? 

Prerna Malik is the owner of Social Media Direct, a digital creative agency offering affordable and effective web content and social media solutions. Learn more about using the best social media tools for YOUR business by signing up for a FREE one-on-one strategy session today.

Prerna is also the editor of The Mom Writes, a site for work-at-home moms and the author of the How to be a Work-at-Home Mom eBook: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life. (note from karen: the eBook includes an interview with me & build a little biz! so definitely go have a look!)