recommended resource | marketing your business online

please note: this is a sponsored post. i will only recommend resources & people that i think would truly be helpful to you.

the main questions i get asked by little biz builders are:

  • how can i promote my business?
  • how can i attract people to my website?
  • how can i turn traffic into sales?

the thing is that there are a lot of strategies and tactics that can be used to market your business and sell your products. the choices can be overwhelming, and it can be very hard to figure out what to do for your business. i do not think you should try to implement every strategy you hear about or see being used. i think you should choose and focus on a few strategies for being absolutely awesome at what you do, and doing what you love.

once you have picked key strategies that will help YOUR business, do not just coast along piecing together some sort of plan by trial and error, or by following what everyone else seems to be doing. get serious! learn the best methods that will make that strategy a successful one. kick ass with it!

(otherwise, why bother really? if you aren’t going to be serious about how you run your business, why would customers take you seriously?)

the university of newcastle is offering a FREE webinar on marketing your business online. if you have those same questions about how to promote your business and turn traffic into sales, then this webinar might be a good starting point for choosing and focusing on those key strategies that will help your biz.

the topics for the free webinar are:

  • digital advertising
  • social media marketing
  • emerging technologies for selling & marketing

tools & strategies such as email marketing, online advertising, and social media marketing are very valuable to any little biz. and there are new 'it' strategies emerging all of the time - you know the ones everyone tells you that you got to jump on right away! but these can also be strategies where you feel like you are working on your biz, but really you are just wasting valuable time. 

so the key is, to choose the right strategies for your biz, and to learn how to do them well. kick ass! the free webinar is a good place to start. it is only 15 minutes and is open to anyone. the U of N will also be offering a 6 week online marketing course. click here to read more about the course and to register for the free webinar.

the webinar is a great trial to see if that course will be the right one to invest in. because here is the thing, free is helpful to a point, but if you really want to get serious about kicking ass with the right strategies, then you need to invest. money and time.

the beginning of a new year seems to be the time for launching and promoting business courses, ebooks, webinars and mastermind groups. it makes sense. coaches, teachers & trainers know that you all want to make improvements to your little businesses this year, to become more profitable and more successful.

the key for you will be figuring out where to invest your time and your money. start by trying out the free things people are offering. when you find one that really clicks for you, that makes the light bulbs go off, that helps you get unstuck and move forward with your plans… that is the resource you want to invest in! choose the right places to invest your money and time and you will get it all back and more!

need more help finding people/resources/blogs that can help YOU and YOUR business? just ask. i might be able to point you in the right direction.