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as you may have noticed, i have been encouraging people to watch the free WE Mastermind videos, sign up for the free webinar, and have a look at the 6 month online mastermind program. natalie sisson, who has been a great online friend and colleague, asked me months ago if this was a program i would like to be a part of, and i whole heartedly jumped on board, knowing we all would be learning from the best!

natalie has informed me that build a little biz readers showed the some of the highest interest in the mastermind program, yet that very few of you signed up.

this tells me a few things:

  • you all want to create a SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE business that will allow you to be HAPPY & live the life you want to LIVE.

yet you are:

  • worried about investing a significant sum to make that dream come true
  • worried that it won’t work, and at the end you still won’t have that successful, profitable business
  • worried about playing a bigger game – putting yourself out there, taking a chance and actually finding success. (because it might be a lot of work, because it puts you out of your comfort zone, because you might not feel like you are ready to take this next step.)

and you know what? i hear you. i have those same fears. i wrote about them in these posts on putting yourself out there and investing in yourself and your business. and i too am trying to psych myself up to play a bigger game, and take my biz ideas to the next level.

we all have those fears.

we have mindsets that are deeply ingrained that make it hard to move forward sometimes. sometimes we just get stuck and it is a lot easier to stay where we are, even if it isn’t what we really want. and it is easy to make excuses that it costs too much, or will take too much time, or we aren’t really ‘there’ yet. but it all boils down to fear. it is just easier to stay where we are.

so i am writing this post to encourage you to shake yourself out of that mindset, to make an investment in your idea and to give yourself permission to play a bigger game.

natalie has very generously offered a special just for build a little biz fans. you have just 36 hours to sign up for this excellent program.

i asked her: why WE Mastermind?

why is this THE program that will help women create a successful online business?

"For us, we think what sets it apart from other programs is most definitely the mastermind component. Not only do you have a team of like-minded  individuals pulling you forward when you need it most you also have exclusive access to their knowledge, skills, advice and feedback. They all want you to achieve your goals as much as they want to achieve theirs, and that's where the real energy and results come into play.

I personally made my most progress in my online business when I committed and invested in a few key mastermind groups. There's really nothing like it. You can truly move mountains with their support behind you. We also know that being held accountable for your actions and showing up to do the work when you say you will is one of the best ways to go about succeeding in any area of life. That's why the accountability partner we match people up with in week two based on their needs is the other component that sets this program apart."

i have just been looking around the WE Mastermind membership site, and i can tell you that it will be well worth every dollar you spend on this program.

yes it is an investment – but given the fact that these ladies are teaching you how to build a 6 figure business model i think that you will have a very good return on that investment. and there is a monthly payment option that will make it easier on your budget

let’s break it down:

*for about the cost of a coffee a day you get a step by step program that will take you through every single part of building an online business. everything from your product & your niche to marketing & sales & social media & websites & SEO & newsletters and of course launching your business. this looks to me like the all in one solution for getting your idea off the ground.

**you get access to coaching sessions, a forum where you can ask specific questions about each module as well as get general support from the other members and the expertise of the natalies, along with access to further tools and resources to help you with each module – basically you get heaps of additional support so you don’t have to fear that you won’t be able to make this program work for you.

***you get accountability – because you are paying for this, because of the forum and the fortnightly modules and the monthly coaching sessions, you will be accountable for putting this program in place. instead of pissing around with your biz idea for the next 2 years you are going to get it done in 6 months time, for an investment of a few hours a week.

why i am recommending this program:

i am an affiliate for WE mastermind which means if you do sign up using this link i will make a commission. but even if i was not an affiliate i would still recommend it because i think these ladies know what they are talking about and i think at the end of the 6 months you are going to walk away with a successful business model in place.

what the natalies have on offer here is not what you are going to get if you just keep reading build a little biz blog posts and newsletters trying to do it all yourself and on your own. yes you could stick with that option, which means i am sure to have a loyal reader for the next few years it takes you to figure all this out and to get over your fear of playing a bigger game.

or you could take the leap, invest in this program and actually get going on your biz right now, today. and in 6 months be making a profit.

to show my support for this program and for your desire to jump on board, if you sign up using my link, i will also provide you with some additional assistance: for each of the 12 modules you can get a little extra help from me via email, to brainstorm ideas, get unstuck, stay on track… whatever it is you need. i will be like a little extra secret weapon in your back pocket.

what do you say? are you ready to take the plunge and to actually DO something to make your dream a reality?

click here to read all of the details about WE mastermind (the girls have all of the information laid out very nicely and can answer additional questions you might have.) you have just 36 hours to take advantage of this special which is only available to build a little biz readers.

now go kick some ass with that idea of yours!!