ask the expert | what market research should i do before revamping my brand?

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today we have a guest post from our expert partner in branding: the lovely rachael acklin from brand harmony studio. she is answering a question from one of our readers...

“I want to revamp my logo and my brand, but i don't want to make the same mistakes again. What sort of 'market research'should i do before i go ahead with getting a new logo designed?”

The reason it’s so hard to know what your logo and brand should look like is that you aren’t totally clear what your brand really is.

In its most basic form, your brand is the essence of everything you do relating to your business. Your brand is the way you talk about it, in person and in your copy. Your brand is the way you market your services and products. Your brand is the way your clients feel when they experience your customer service. Your brand is what you say and do on social media.

Branding is everything you do in your business.And because this is such a big thing, it can be almost impossibly hard to encapsulate that everything into one tangible phrase or image or idea.

Instead of generic market research, I suggest that you dive into the core of your business and your existing brand, to find the answers you need.

Here are three specific areas to look at closely:

1) Begin at the beginning.

Answer this question: what is the core message of your business? In other words, what work are you doing in the world?

This answer will help you see what your overarching message is. This is the message that holds all the pieces of your brand together coherently.

2) Build on your best.

Answer this question: what is the thing (or category of things) that your clients respond to the most? What do they give testimonials about, rave about, and want to buy even if you’re out of stock or your calendar is full?

This answer will help you hone in on what your specific, marketable, in-demand expertise is. When you focus on producing and selling more of what your people want, your brand will come much more sharply into focus as well.

3) Own your expertise.

Answer this question: what do you know you’re ridiculously, excellently good at? What do you do and provide, almost unconsciously?

This answer will help you solidify your awareness of your expertise in your field, and complement the best things your people already want from you.

Lastly, bring your answers together into a few sentences that describe the essence of your brand. 

This may take some revising to get it right (or right-er), but once you have the done the work of answer the three questions above, you will find your ability to describe and understand your brand will have deepened in a meaningful, useful way.

Rachael Acklin loves design,  branding, writing and tweeting. She owns and runs the popular Brand Harmony Studio, a web design studio specializing in online business branding. She coaches entrepreneurs and business owners, home schools her four kids and drinks lots of coffee.