beyond facebook: 5 marketing strategies that just might be more effective!

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i get a lot of questions on my facebook page and email about using facebook to promote your business.

how do i get more likers? how do i get my likers to buy my stuff? how do i run a competition so i can get more likers for my page? how do i promote my page without being spam-ish?

these are all valid questions and i am happy to help people use facebook to its fullest potential. but i would like to remind you that facebook is not the be-all, end-all to your biz growth and success.

in fact there are some drawbacks to focusing all of your time and effort to marketing on facebook – many people tend to view facebook as a place to find freebies and bargains, many do not use it with the goal of making a purchase, and depending on how you use your page it can end up making your biz look unprofessional.

so, i suggest that you turn your attention away from your facebook page for a moment and consider the other ways in which you are marketing your biz.


let’s just start with a quick reminder of what marketing is, as i know there are some misconceptions about marketing and it actually can be quite an intimidating prospect for many little biz builders.

i am going to quote one of my marketing idols, naomi dunford from, because once I read this i never forgot it and i hope it clicks for you just as well…

marketing is simply “the shit you do to get people to buy your shit”.

see? simple. when you put it like that it ain’t so scary. (by the way if you want to learn more marketing gems like that one go sign up for the free marketing ecourse. awesomeness.)

so, aside from trying to get likes on facebook, what are you doing to get people to buy your thing?

focus on exisiting customers

many of the people who have already supported your biz and purchased your thing are your ‘right people’ or ideal customers. what are you doing to keep them coming back for more?

possible ideas: a VIP club, a loyalty card, a ‘thank you’ gift, voucher redeemable on their next purchase, a simple check in to see how they are doing or if they have any further questions etc.

encourage word of mouth

your ideal customer likely has friends who would also be ideal customers. what are you doing to encourage them to pass your name on?

possible ideas: a referral program with incentives for your customer to pass your name on, hand out a limited number of ‘exclusive bonuses’ for your customers to give to their friends, simply providing extra biz cards/brochures in your packages to customers

seek out your right people

while your ideal customers may indeed be on facebook, there are many other places they are hanging out, and catching their attention in those places is often easier than it is on facebook with it’s constant & random stream of information.

possible ideas: getting a display or sample products into the shops your people hang out, asking relevant bloggers or publications to review your product or service, commenting on or writing guests posts for the blogs/forums that your people read

synergy with complementary businesses

there are likely little businesses out there with complementary products to yours, with a similar target market as yours, and run by mums like you who are trying to find new ways to market their thing. why not partner up and combine your efforts?

possible ideas: creating a package that combines two or more complementary products/services, trading banner ad space, displaying products/brochures in each other’s shops, discount codes for one product when the other is purchased, reviewing each other’s products.

have a social media plan

facebook (and other social media sites) can be great marketing tools, but it is best to have a plan and a purpose in mind. remember marketing is the shit you do to get people to buy your shit. so just getting likes on on facebook is not enough. what is your overall goal for your facebook page? what can you do with your page that will get people into your shop?

possible ideas: start a blog that will benefit your right people and then link it to your page which will drive traffic to your site, start an opt in newsletter so you can directly contact your right people and include the sign up on your page, interact with customers to find out what problems they need solving and use that info to create products they will love, use your page to offer expert advice and solve your customers problems – this builds trust and loyalty so people will be more likely to buy your thing.

what are some other marketing strategies that you have tried, either online or off? what methods work well for your biz?

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