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a guest post from our build a little biz partner & 'work at home expert'. Leah Gibbs is the Business Manager and Founder of Work At Home Mumsand theLifestyle Careers Job Board.She runs herbusinesses from home and as a work at home mum (WAHM). 

If you have been trying to find a job working from home, you may already know of the fool’s gold and thousands of scams out there. Work from home jobs are prevalent on the internet; but many of them are not genuine and full of hot air (e.g. “make $10,000 per month with just 15 hours per week!”). Yeah right, as if….pull the other one.

That is why you have to be really careful about where you look for a work from home job and what type of job you are looking for. Remember that if they do not say what you will be doing, then it is more than likely a MLM (multi-level marketing) or pyramid scheme.

Don’t part with your money if buying into a home based business opportunity.  Ensure that you have done your due diligence and sought at least one unbiased review from a friend, family member or an Accountant. Make an informed choice and make sure you do your research first. Don’t be swept away in the belief that you can earn thousands for minimal hours. Keep up to date with the latest scams; visit Scamwatch, the ACCC and Fido. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes and beware of job offers that require you to pay an upfront fee. Beware of products or schemes that claim to guarantee income or winnings.

Lifestyle Careersis a great place to start looking for a work from home job because there is a real person checking the listings and ensuring they are genuine. All jobs are carefully screened to ensure that we are providing our Job Seekers with elements of flexibility and professionalism.

The type of jobs you might seek and find depend on your skill-base and they could include;   

  • Contract for a small business (in admin/marketing/telesales) that allows work from home
  • A freelancer (designer/PR professional/writer/developer) or consultant to businesses, and seek your own client projects
  • A virtual personal assistant, who does all their work remotely
  • A home-based mini-business, like party plan/direct sales consultant

Of the “work from home” positions recently advertised for employees, some were for recruitment consultants (commission based), many firms want home workers to make sales calls (if they have fast internet with VOIP), and others offer big rewards for a sales agent with a territory. Just type “work from home” in the job search box on the major job search sites and you will find there are training and systems for all types of businesses including:  assisting people to lose weight, life coaching, personal development products, etc.

Types of Work to Do At Home

Not all types of jobs are suited to a working from home environment but with the world seeming smaller and smaller thanks to improving technologies, working from home is easier and more achievable than ever.

Here are the most popular jobs that are very achievable from a home environment:

1)     Graphic and Web Design

If you’re a skilled graphic or web designer tired of completing work under some body else’s name, working for home can be a fantastic option. Because you don’t have to pay for an office space, receptionist and staff expenses, you can give your clients personalised services at a cheaper rate than a major firm.

If you don’t want to work for yourself, there are numerous freelance designing opportunities, so you can have the safety of working for a company without ever having to step foot in an office.

2)     Writing

Writing is one of the most common ways of working from home. Whether it’s writing for one company or freelancing for a range of companies, writing is a great way to earn income from home.

The Internet has created more writing jobs than ever with blogs, eBooks, websites and newsletters needing to be written on a huge range of topics. Freelancing allows you great flexibility so you can choose whom you want to work for and find variety in various opportunities.

3)     Sales

Telemarketing, Internet sales and online stores have created a variety of ways you can use your sales skills from home to earn an income.

There are many online stores who use blogs and social networking to get their name out there and run a shop from home on their own or with minimal assistance.

You can also find sales positions that work on a freelance basis. They occasionally require you to visit stores but, other than that, you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

4)     Teaching and Tutoring

Everything from tutoring high school students to teaching piano to second language tutoring can be run from home through a company or by having your students come to your home.

With advancements online, the option of tutoring from home to someone in a remote location is very plausible and something which is sure to become more and more common in time.

5)     Transcription

Medical, legal and other transcription jobs require you to listen to audio files of medical files, court cases, meetings, seminars, lectures and interviews and record them as text.

This sort of work is often on a freelance basis but, if you get a good reputation, there is plenty of work out there.

6)     Virtual Assistant

This is a relatively new phenomenon in home working. The Virtual Assistant provides administrative, secretarial and clerical support to their clients. The virtual assistants’ low overhead and low cost of service has made them a very popular choice.

If you are seeking a home office position, a suggestion to you would be to set yourself up with “Work At Home” in “Any Location” job email alerts to be delivered to your inbox to receive on a daily basis or weekly on a Thursday. If you find a job of interest you just need to register your job seeker details and then you are able to apply for any of the jobs that you see.

Please remember that work at home roles are highly competitive and sought after. They are often filled very quickly.  A very important point to remember is to have a professional cover letter prepared and your Resume ready to include with your application to the Employer. 

As a number of us who start up home-based businesses find, the more motivated you are to working from home, the more likely you will be to make a go of it and really get stuck into your new mission. Just ‘dipping your toe in the water’ doesn’t work, as any work-from-home business requires a lot of motivation and perseverance.

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