5 rules to help you NOT be spam-ish on your facebook page

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i recently wrote a post that gave 5 rules for not being spam-ish on facebook – which focused on how you promote your biz on other pages. this is part 2 of that post – how to not be spam-ish on your own facebook page.

remember… spam is anything that is unsolicited, indiscriminate, repetitive, impersonal

#1 - quality not quantity

this post from marketing magazine states that 44% of users will ‘unlike’ you for overposting. the last thing you want to do is lose the likers you have!  the question is what is the right amount to post?

the answer is completely dependent on your biz and your right people. i tell people not to worry about the quantity so much as the quality of your posts. if you are providing the thing that your people really want from you then they will be thrilled to see your post come up in their newsfeed.

the best kind of post, the right number (and the right time of day) is different for each business. it will take some trial and error to figure it out, but keep track of when you get the most engagement, and the type of post you have made to get it.

a good rule of thumb is to spread your posts out and vary the type of post you make. no matter how often you do end up posting, never post a large number of items in a row. filling a newsfeed with 10 posts from your biz one minute after the other screams spam-ish, no matter how awesome those posts are!

#2 - selling your thing

stop selling your thing. seriously. look, I get that this is your business, and clearly you need to sell your thing. but not on facebook ALL THE TIME. imagine facebook as being like the local community fair and your page is one booth there. sure, some of the people are there to buy stuff. but some are there just to browse, to say hi, or say nice stuff. some are only there to socialize with their friends and gossip about the neighborhood. that entire crowd DOES NOT want to hear you shouting out about your fabulous sale all freaking day long! that’s not why they hang out on facebook.

I won’t go on about this too much because I already wrote a post explaining why you need to stop selling your thing. definitely have a read,  have a totally different argument over there that doesn’t involve fairs or gossip.

the rule of thumb is this: for every one post you make promoting your thing make at least 5 posts that aren’t about you tooting your product horn.

this goes back to quality of posts… what else can you post about? well think about what your right people, your true fans need from you. share helpful links, ask questions that fit your niche and product, share helpful tips, hints & suggestions, be funny or witty or controversial even.  be helpful!! oh, have i mentioned that already?

#3 - be helpful

i believe in this so much that i am adding it as a rule. whenever i post about spam-ish behavior on facebook i inevitably get a comment along the lines of “well how am i supposed to promote my business and get likers then?”

this is my answer. and i have mentioned it a number of times so maybe you have heard me say this before. but this is my "huge secret" to success.

i have nearly 3000 fans for my facebook page, in just one year.

not because i shout out, or tag, or promote myself on other pages, or sell my thing constantly, or stop by pages and like in return for a like, or have referral contests or giveaways.

i provide my true fans with something they need. when i am helpful they share my links, give me a shout out, or tag my page – without me ever asking for them to do so.

so that is what you use facebook for – connect with your right people, find out all of the little ways you can help them, and then do it. and do it well. become the go-to person for whatever your little niche is. be helpful and genuine and engaging and just plain awesome.

your new facebook rule: be awesome.

#4 - tagging

tagging  can be a super way to engage with other pages, but in my opinion there is a right way and a wrong way. the wrong way is spam-ish and can result in you losing your likers, but also pissing off a whole heap of pages you are trying to engage with.

rule of thumb – in your post tag ONE business and then give a reason for the shout out. a shout out to 6 random businesses for no real reason will mostly get ignored. a ‘hey check out my thing’ type posts with 6 businesses tagged at the end is purely spam-ish.  

reasons to tag? a genuine shout out to a biz you want to share with your likers, and the reason why your fans should check them out. a credit to a page that where you found a link, image, tip etc.  a thank you to a biz or page that you connected with or was helpful to you.

#5 - adding photos

rule of thumb – do not add one photo to your sales/product album at a time, multiple times in a row. this is a rule i added after a number of people commented that they found this incredibly spam-ish.

add a chunk of images to one album at once, and wait until a later date to add more, or just add one photo in one night because you want to highlight that product for some reason.

a newsfeed clogged with 15 of your images added one by one feels spam-ish . people will likely skim over the entire thing, or worse hide or unlike your page.

have a plan

i mentioned this in part one of the post, so it is not a new rule. but I will just remind you again. create a plan for marketing your biz on facebook.

decide what you want to accomplish with your page: are you trying to find out what your people need so you can come up with new product ideas? are you trying to show that you are an expert in your field? are you trying to find a way to engage with your customers & show them how much you adore them? are you trying to stand out amongst the crowd?

i hope i have convinced you that your plan should not just be ‘sell your thing’. facebook is called social media for a reason. it is not called ‘a place to sell things’ – notice the differences between ebay and facebook? use those differences to your advantage. put the social back into your facebook page.

bottom line...

i the end, not everyone will agree on what is indeed spam-ish on facebook. one person’s spam is another person’s secret to success. whether you agree with my take on being spam-ish or not, that is not the point. the point is, what do YOUR TRUE FANS think is spam-ish? you might have the best intentions in the world, but if your page feels spam-ish to a liker, then say good-bye.  don’t you think your fans are worth keeping?

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