recommended product | the earn what you deserve ecourse

i think that one of the toughest things we mums have to do as we are working on building our little biz is to determine how much to charge for our thing. it can be a difficult and sometimes emotional process trying to figure out your right price and what value your product has.

Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur is an ecourse created by helen lindop of the blog business plus baby. this course originated as an ebook, which i previously recommended to my readers, and has now expanded to a full ecourse includes an ebook, audio book, an accompanying workbook and additional mps lessons.

i highly recommend having a look at this ecourse because i think it is the perfect resource for mums working on starting or improving their own little business.

in my search for useful resources i have come across many bits and pieces of advice for figuring out pricing and charging what you are worth. the problem with those bits of advice (which often include a formula: cost of goods + time & effort x % mark-up) is that if you don't have a sense of your worth or the value of your product, then those formulas are never going to feel comfortable to apply.

this course is not about figuring out what to charge for your stuff, it is about how you approach your finances, the way you value yourself and how you think about your business. it gets to the heart of what is means for you to earn money with your biz, so that you can feel comfortable charging what you are worth. 

'earn what you deserve' is an excellent compilation of all of the best advice i have seen around in one handy resource. helen puts her own twist on this advice and includes easy to apply examples and exercises that prompt you to put her advice into practice, so you can start making changes to your business immediately. 

if you are like me, you probably sometimes hesitate to purchase an ebook or ecourse because you don’t think it is tailored to mums, or to your type of business, or because it is often so pricey. for the next week the this course is just €24 (about $37) so it is very easy on the budget. the advice is specific to mums working on their own little business and it is very applicable to a any type of businesses (handmade goods, craft/art products, services, information products, online biz... you name it.)

i recommend this book to any mum who wants to get serious about turning her business idea into a success. go check it out. it will help you be awesome with your biz!

fyi... i am an affiliate for this product, which means if you buy the course from clicking on the links here i will get a commission for sending you. lucky for us it also means that helen has provided build little biz readers with a free ebook of 21 tips to help you earn what you deserve, before you have even started the course! to download that ebook click here (there is an extra bonus in there for you from me too!).

what are you waiting for? isn't it time to earn what you deserve?