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just in case you haven’t figured this out about me yet, my goal is to help you really kick ass with your little biz idea. i want you to be able to have something more than a hobby, something successful and outstanding, something that will make you money, something you can be proud of!

part of that mission involves me helping you create a stand out brand for your biz. just so you know, your brand is not your logo. your brand is the message you are telling the world about your biz. about what it is that you offer that makes you amazing and that solves a problem for your right people. that brand message is what drives everything else you do for your business: from the look of your biz (yes, your logo!) to the products you offer and the way you price them, to your sales and marketing plans, and so much more.

i created the build a brand workbook to provide people with step by step instructions on figuring out what their brand message is and how to implement it into their business consistently and professionally. in that workbook i mention that your brand exists in both the look and the voice of your biz. the look is pretty easy for people to grasp – we tend to think branding as being the logo & colours & icons & fonts & designs & graphics & images of our business. plus we know we can get professional help from graphic designers, photographers and website designers to create this look.

the voice  of your brand tends to be a harder concept to wrap our minds around, and even harder to figure out how to do well. the written copy that is on our websites, our marketing materials, our emails & newsletters, even our tweets & facebook page comments is a huge part of our brand. yet it is something we tend to do without much planning or thought. we just pop up a product description, write a quick about me page, or send off an email to a customer that provides basic information. that is all we need to do, right?

wrong. we need to put as much thought into the voice of our brand as we do the look of our brand. and i have just come across an amazing product that will help you, so i had to come here and share it.

i have been following the brand camp blog for a couple of years now. it was the first online resource i found that really spoke to me as a mum trying to build my little home business. it was like i finally found someone who truly understood the challenges i was facing trying to get my business off the ground. this blog inspired me to really consider the brand i was creating with my business, which of course eventually led me on the journey to start build a little biz and write the build a brand workbook.

over time, i have witnessed that blog refine its focus and adjust its own branding to better match its purpose & the passion of its author. it is one of the blogs i love to read because the voice & passion shines through! now, with perfect timing, kristin kalp has launched a new ebook called circus circus: your adventure-guide to better business writing.  if you are struggling at all with what you write for your business, or if you are wanting to create a stand out brand for your business then this is the perfect resource!

what i really like about circus circus is that it is entertaining and fun. just reading it will inspire you to express your own brand in your writing! but more importantly, it is written with really simple step-by-step instructions, lots of great examples, and easy to tackle exercises that will help you write something fabulous right away. what will it help you with? determining your features & benefits, speaking to your target market, writing bios & about me pages, client FAQs, blogging, writing a business manifesto, and more.

the only downside of this ebook is that it will actually require you to get out a pen and paper and write; you will need to brainstorm, answer questions, tryout different sentence combinations… it is not always easy! but if you want your brand to shine, if you want your business to stand out then this book is going to help you do that.

of course you could always hire a copywriter to do all of this for you, or you could head on down to your local community college and take some writing courses. but if those options don’t suit your financial budget or your time budget then this ebook is a good option. in fact it is the only resource on writing for your business that i have come across that answers the questions on how and what to write while keeping the importance of your brand message in mind. 

i must point out that kristen has made me an affiliate for circus circus, which means if you purchase it through my links i get a commission. that was really kind of her, as i would have recommended that you buy it regardless! i only ever recommend resources if i believe in them myself. and in the case of circus circus, i feel that it is the perfect companion to the build a brand workbook; i am excited to have such an excellent writing resource to tell my readers about.

so as a bonus, if you do purchase circus circus through a link on my page, i will give you your choice of 25% off of the build a brand workbook or a free idea building session with me, so that you can have some further help in creating a stand out brand. just send me an email after you have made your circus circus purchase. =)

one of my goals for 2011 is to work on the voice of my brand for my own little photography business – i desperately wish to change the copy on my website and marketing materials to better reflect my brand message and my passion. won’t you join me?

you can read more about circus circus by clicking here and then clicking on the circus circus icon. you can even sign up to read the first chapter for for free if you want to try it out first. trust me, it's fantastic! happy writing…