getting ready for 2012: fresh look, new blueprints, big plans...

december is such a busy and exciting time of the year. christmas of course keeps us very busy and for little biz owners it can mean a big boost in sales and visibility. but even more than that, for me december is a time of planning, dreaming & brainstorming.  this is when i want to take a break from the work, spend some time just enjoying life, and get excited about where to take my little biz in the coming new year.

which is why December 1st is the day i launched my new ebooks and gave build a little biz a fresh makeover. i wanted the website to be clean and organized, i wanted all of my products and services in place, and i wanted my message to loud and clear.

  • everything is ready to help you with your plans for the coming year
  • and my mind/time is free to make my own plans for the coming year

because if december is for planning, dreaming & brainstorming, then january is the time for putting those plans into action. a time for a fresh start, for growth, for launching new things, for biggering and bettering and becoming re-energized.

i want to help you do that!

i have 4 new ebooks on offer. these blueprints will help you:

  • build a framework – if you feel stuck at all with marketing your business, finding people who want your products, making sales & profits, then this ebook is perfect for you. before you can do these things well you need a strong framework to build on. your framework focuses on how you can do what YOU love, figure out what products you are really selling, find your specific target audience, figure out how you fit in the marketplace and stand out. once you are solid with these things you can then you can find strategies for marketing, selling and growing your biz. awesome!
  • build a brand – whether you are just getting started, or you already well on your way with your business you still need a brand message that stands out, allows you to compete in your niche, and attracts the right people. in fact you are probably already sending a message; the question is is it the one you mean to send? the one you need to send? your brand is not your logo. your brand is the message you send about your biz. if you need help with that, this blueprint is perfect!
  • build a blog & build a newsletter – once you have a strong framework and a stand out brand message it is much easier to implement strategies to promote your little business. these blueprints take you step by step through setting up a blog and a newsletter as effective marketing strategies for your biz. even if you have already started either of these strategies these will still help you target the right people, promote your biz effectively, and generated traffic, interest & sales. otherwise, why bother?

right now you can get all 4 blueprints for the price of 3, so if you need help with any of those things, if they are priorities for your biz in 2012, then now is a great time to get these ebooks.

in addition to the blueprints i still offer email & skype workshops where i can give you specific help for your biz, help you do some brainstorming, help you get unstuck. we have the building site which is a great forum of little biz builders so you can get a little help any time you need it, as often as you need it. and of course the toolbox offers free resources every single week so make sure you sign up for that. even if you don’t read every post every week, the archives are there whenever you are searching for a little help in any area.

my goals for 2012 are to help you:

be awesome. do what you love. and kick ass.

i am off to do some dreaming and planning and brainstorming for how i can do those things in 2012. how will you do them with your biz?

and how can i help? what blueprints should i write next? are there services or products that i need to create? let me know, i would love to hear from you!