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today we have a post from our business support expert: sam leader from flying solo. if you have never visited her site, you must go have a look. heaps of useful information for anyone with start-up questions and a fantastic forum!

I’m all for positive thinking, but a nasty brush with a mystery bug got me wondering: how can I fake it til I make it if I can’t make it out of bed?

Here’s my solution to keeping healthy.

A friend told me how she ‘meditated her head off’ to get better from a cold. Well what made me healthy again was a straight physiological fix: I slept for 16 hours straight, and then felt fantastic. 

It made me appreciate that even the most mentally robust of us get hit for six on occasion and optimistic and positive as I had been leading up to my illness, I’d allowed myself to become physically run down. 

I’d underestimated the part a healthy body plays in my overall wellbeing. And I bet I’m not the only one. 

So to keep the old bag of bones fit and well, here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Get more exercise and eat more pulses and greens. Currently, I’m with the majority and ‘could do better’ on this front.
  • Continue to improve ergonomics. I’ve got The Fear on this after I read “My friend is out of pocket $12,000 and three operations on her neck because of not using her laptop ergonomically.” No more laptops on beanbags for me, then.
  • Give up assisting work days with “caffeine on take off, alcohol on landing” as Alain de Botton (who I have a crush on) so wonderfully described it. I doubt I’ll get further than half way.
  • Take preventative steps in the form of a daily cup of tea with my feet up. Provided this doesn’t compromise point 2.
  • Give in with grace. If, after all this, my body lets me down I’ll take to my bed. 

Might you join me in one or more of the above ways of keeping healthy? Make the commitment via a comment. 

Also, do you agree that a positive attitude is only part of the picture? Or perhaps you have, in fact, successfully overcome a treacherous body with the power of the mind? 

I’m going to start my health kick right now by walking to the shops to buy some lentils. And definitely not a latte!

note from karen:

i will start off the comments by adding my own....

ok now i have THE FEAR too - i am pretty sure i am breaking all the ergonomic rules as i type this on my laptop from my soffice (as i am now calling my sofa-office) with a laptop balanced on one of those nursing pillows and a 4 week old sleeping on my chest. yikes!

also - “caffeine on take off, alcohol on landing” - ummmm, that is totally how i cope! not sure i can give that up. 

but i hear you on this one sam, i know i really need to take better care of my health and my body. am i am sure i am not the only one, but i always seem to put my own well-being at the bottom of the priority list. but without me whole and healthy this entire family/household/home biz falls apart! it's way to risky. so excuse me while i go find some vegetables.....

Sam Leader is the Editor of Flying Solo, Australia's micro businesscommunity, and one of its three directors. Over the last five years she has overseen the publication of over 1,300 articles from over 100 contributors. She is also the co-author, with Robert Gerrish and Peter Crocker, of the business bestseller Flying Solo - How to go it alone in business. Sam's responsible "...for all the book's good bits."   Like most solo business owners, Sam wears a number of other hats. As Social Media Manager, she oversees Flying Solo's presence on Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn's coming soon) and she is also Mistress of Mojo, ensuring motivation stays high for everyone involved in Flying Solo.