guest post | Make Your Business Stand Out With Multimedia

a guest post by Alison Dias-Laverty of Photoshow on DVD sharing an idea for marketing your business online

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The advent of technology has brought about an exciting introduction into the world of multimedia. There are many ways you can use it in your business to create awareness and capture the attention of your customers. All you need is a little creativity to get yourself moving.

Your Very Own Web Slideshow

A very simple marketing strategy is using photos and videos of your products and services to create web slideshows. These will show your potential customers a personal look into your business and offerings, and make your business more memorable to visitors.

When you create a web slideshow, you will be able to incorporate your brand, logo, contact details, information on your products and services, use music or even a voice recording. And you can do all of this without burning a big hole in your budget.

There are many free trial softwares that allow you to create slideshows:

These softwares allow you to create web slideshows using your photos or short videos, add text and motion effects and use royalty free music. Make sure you incorporate your brand into the web slideshow and display your products or show your services.

Once you have created your web slideshow, you can create a free YouTube account and link the slideshow to your website. The popularity of the various social media channels makes sharing multimedia easy and effective; you canenable sharing your videos on Facebook and Twitter in your YouTube account.

Here is the slideshow we use on our business site; it shows examples of what we do and why we do it, and ways in which people can make use of our service.

Slideshows are just one way of adding multimedia to your business promotion; there are endless ways to use multimedia in your business and give you the ability to tap into the ever changing world of technology. Have fun with it and make an impression!

an additional note from karen:

thank you so much alison, for sharing this idea. i have been reading more and more about how valuable it is to have a little piece of YouTube property for your business: it is the next largest search engine after google, google ranks YouTube links quite high, it gets a shit load of traffic and it is a relatively untapped resource for little businesses (say compared to facebook pages!).

a slide show is a great option for those not wanting to get themselves in front of the camera in full video format. i know i have been hesitant about just talking in front of the camera to create a YouTube video (is it just me or do you hate seeing yourself on video?) but a slide show is something i can see myself doing!

some further reading on YouTube as a social media strategy, in case you still need convincing =)

Alison Dias-Laverty is mother of 2 and a Portuguese Eurasian originally from Singapore who now calls Brisbane home. With over 20 years experience in marketing and multimedia within the corporate sector, she started her own multimedia business specializing in the creation of slideshows and video conversion. She provides services with a personal touch and also has a blog to share resources and tips to help businesses and individuals make better use of technology. Visit the Photoshow on DVD website and facebook page.