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meagan visser of has a fantistic five part series for us this week on running a successful creative or handmade business. this is part 5... (part 4, part 3part 2part 1)

Now we've come to the last post in this series. We've covered your decision to start your own online handmade business, how to find your niche, some biz basics, & the 4 main areas of setting up shop. Today I'm going to talk to you about what to do once you've got your products online & you're ready for some customers & money.


Marketing can consist of the things you do to get people to buy your products. It's getting people who have a specific need or problem to know, like, & trust you {- John Jantsch}. It's an action. It can be working on search engine optimization, blogging, using social media, ads, features, interview, handing out business cards, etc.

It's usually not one of those things that comes naturally to us...especially if we've not been to school for it or if we've not read & learned much about marketing tactics. But let me assure you, you will need to market your business & get your products out there. It's not as difficult as it seem the more you learn about it. I'd encourage you to get some business books on marketing, visit John's website above, & by all means join my weekly email newsletter. I'm right in the middle of my Business Marketing Basics series that will teach you basic marketing concepts!

Push Forward

Another thing to do once you've got your shop together is to focus on your goals & how to meet them. Push forward. Don't just sit there waiting on customers to come to you. You may get some customers who find you via a search engine, but that's no way to build a large customer base. Set some goals, long-term & short-term, then break them down in to bit-sized pieces that you can work on each month to get you where you want to go. A dream is just a dream unless you wake up & take action to make it happen!

Be Patient

Patience! Uhh! Who likes to hear that word? I know I don't because it's so dang painful & definitely not a strong-suit of mine. But, honestly, that's want it takes. Patience & a lot of hard work! It takes time to earn the trust of your customers. It takes time to develop relationships with other business owners. It takes time to perfect your product & really make it your own. It takes time to be remembered. It takes time to gain great feedback. So don't get discouraged. Learn, do, & learn more.

Over time you'll build a business that suits you & your life & is satisfying to you on so many levels. If things aren't happening for you quickly enough, re-evaluate your goals & reach out more. The sales will come. So I really hope you've enjoyed this series of posts. I know I sure have. Creating a business that you love is such fun. I hope that you will keep in contact with me. I'd love to witness your success!

xo, Meagan

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