creative biz | are you ready to get serious about your handmade business?

meagan visser of has a fantistic five part series for us this week on running a successful creative or handmade business. this is part 1...

Are you one of those people who loves creating & crafting things?

Do you tend to do well at whatever you try & you're sort of a Jack {or Jill} of all trades when it comes to your crafting abilities?

Have you been told by friends that you should sell the things you make & does everyone love getting your handmade goodies as gifts anytime of the year?

If so, have you ever considered selling online & making some money with your talents?

Perhaps you are allready selling your items; have you taken the next steps to really making a go of it as a business?

What’s holding you back?

Is it the fear of putting yourself & your products out there?

Is it that you think there’s too much competition or that your products aren't “good enough”?

Is it a lack of time or is it simply not knowing where to begin?

If you’ve thought about starting an online handmade business, then stick around! Over the course of the next few days, I’m going to take you through

  • the basic process of setting up shop & selling online
  • how to narrow your focus & options so your business is memorable
  • some business basics you need to think about before getting started
  • 4 important areas you need to focus on in your shop, not to mention what you should be doing after getting your shop up & running.

And you know what? That's not all! I’m going to be giving you lots of resources for great information that you can look into for starting & running a handmade business & maybe a worksheet or two to help you get all your ideas together.

Sounds great, right? Are you interested? Are you ready to rock your creative business?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your business general or specific? For instance do you have a specific point of difference and a specific target audience?
  2. Have you jumped right into selling? Or have you considered some important starting points such as doing market research, creating a marketing plan, and building a stand out brand?
  3. Are you focusing on the main areas of your business that will convert browsers into buyers? Do you know what these areas are?
  4. What are you doing to push your business to the next level? What are your plans for growth? How will you establish yourself as a leader in your niche?

If you are uncertain about your answers for any of these questions then this series is exactly what you need to move forward with your creative business.

BTW…I want to hear from you throughout this series! I want to know your thoughts, questions, & concerns that come up as you read these posts. Think of this as having a wee-bit of one-on-one access with me to get some of your most basic biz questions answered or even just to get some encouragement. So let’s start now!

The next step is for you to answer these questions in the comment section below.

Do you have an online handmade or creative business? Choose:

  • "Yes & it's going well"
  • "Yes, but I need some help"
  • "No, but I'd like to start one"

What is your biggest question/area of concern about selling your items online?

Meagan Visser is a wife, mother, & creative entrepreneur living in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. She inspires moms to pursue their creative business dreams on her coaching website & she offers fashionable & eco-friendly products for babies & toddlers in her Etsy shop, Baby Swank. Connect with her on Twitter & Facebook!