inspiration | close your eyes and leap

close your eyes and leap.jpg

"the jump is so frightening between where i am and where i want to be... because of all i may become i will close my eyes and leap!"

this is an image of a print my mom gave me way back when i was away at university. back then, as i was trying to figure out who and what i wanted to be when i grew up, this quote really meant a lot to me.

through a move overseas, a change in career, a marriage plus three children... this print got burried somewhere in a storage box. lately it has been stuck in my head (maybe because i am still figuring out who i want to be when i grow up!) so i dug it out of the box and hung it on my office wall again. 

sometimes you have to stop waiting for everything to be perfect, stop waiting for the time to be right, stop hiding behind the 'what ifs' - just close your eyes and leap.

quote and print copyright ´╗┐mary anne r. hershey 1998