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if you have been following build a little biz then you already know my love for Catherine Caine and her site Cash & Joy. i share her blog posts all of the time in the TOOLBOX and on facebook & twitter. i adore the her style of storytelling to send a big message, and i love the way she lives her brand message, loud and clear.

if you aren’t familiar with Catherine Caine or her site this is what you need to know:

Catherine is a Magnificence Amplifier. She helps people uncover and amplify their absolutely best work – the work that brings the most profound impact into their lives and the lives of everyone around them. It doesn’t matter what the work IS – the world is still a better place every time there’s another person working to stretch the limits of their potential and create work that matters profoundly to them and to their bestest people. 

when i heard catherine was looking for affiliates for her course, cash & joy foundations, i jumped on board immediately. i only ever recommend products that i absolutely love (i will never recommend something that i think is crap, affiliate program or not) and to be honest i would have recommended this course no matter what, because i love what catherine offers.

read more about cash & joy foundations by clicking on the link and clicking on 'products' - all of the details are there, and if you are wondering if it is right for you, catherine will respond to your email.

if you have done one of catherine’s free sessions you already know why she rocks (and if you haven’t go sign up for her newsletter now so you can get the details about those sessions). but, if you are like most of the little biz builders who read this blog, you are probably on a tight budget and maybe can’t yet sign up for further one on one sessions with catherine.

cash & joy foundations is the perfect solution, you get all of catherine’s awesomeness in a format that will fit your budget.

what it is:

cash & joy foundations is an awesometacular set of workbooks and audios which will

  • help you answer the Four Foundation Questions:
    • What do you offer?
    • Why do you offer it?
    • Who do you offer it to?
    • How do you offer it to them?
  • help you figure out what the hell to do with your answers.
  • help you discover and reinforce the underpinnings of your business, so you can build your castles in the air on solid ground.

there is also an extremely vibrant and supportive community of members, and a twice-monthly ‘Ask Catherine Anythang’ call where her gigantic brain can be picked.

who it is for:

this resource is for people who are feeling confused and indecisive about their business. the people who aren’t taking massive amazing action anymore, because they don’t know what they want or where their business is going or who it’s supposed to be reaching.

  • perhaps you have been online for quite awhile, and have started a website or ten, but haven’t made the jump to actually having a business.
  • perhaps you have been in business for awhile, and have undergone so much change that you don’t really know what your business is anymore.
  • perhaps you have recently started your business, or moved from a hobby into a business, and you are not sure about what you should be doing to make it a smashing success.

why it rocks:

this resource is an awesome combination of catherine’s unique and fabulous way of getting to the heart of what needs to be done, examples/prompts/ideas to help you understand the key concepts, and workbook style questions & brainstorms to put the concepts into practice for YOUR business.

after reading one chapter i walked away with my brain buzzing, full of new ideas that i wanted to implement right away in my own business. and i thought i had a pretty clear idea of where i wanted to go next! it goes to show that sometimes a new way of looking at things is just what you need to have a light bulb moment. and that it is never too late to tweak your marketing and sales strategies.

cash & joy foundations will be on offer for 9 days only, starting on oct 25th. buy early to get the option of paying in 4 monthly payments (this option disappears after a three days…)

because i am an affiliate for this product, it benefits me if you buy it from my link. as a thank you for supporting build a little biz by purchasing an affiliate product, i will include a free email consult to offer you a little extra help as you go through the foundations course. if you need a fresh set of eyes, if you are feeling a little stuck, if you want some help implementing a course of action, i am on stand-by for you!

what are you waiting for? the time to kick ass with your biz ideas is now!