inspiration | why did you start this journey?


as you may have heard i had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. since then i have been reminded daily about why i started my own little business in the first place. i am my own boss which means i get to set my own schedule to fit in with my family life. i get to work at home with my feet up and my baby cuddled on my chest. i get to be here to savour every moment with each of my three kids.

i am reminded of how really freaking lucky i am. and when the going gets tough, when i wonder if the stress or frustration i feel sometimes is worth it, i just need to look over at the little dude and i remember why i am doing this in the first place.

why did you start your own little biz? what keeps you going when things get tough? what is the real motivation behind your choices? keep that in mind for those rough days... =)