inspiration | keep marching on.

not gonna lie. building a little biz is hard work. it can be confusing and overwhelming and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. 

but having said that, i do not want to waste a minute of 2011 stressing about how much i have to do or questioning why i am doing this. so i decided to write a manifesto - something that i could post beside my computer to remind me if why i am working at my biz. to keep me motivated and sure of my path.

and it occurred to me that my own personal manifesto could help other mums like me, so i posted this question on facebook and twitter a few weeks ago:

"building a little biz is hard work! there is so much to do and not enough time! so WHY DO YOU DO IT? WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING?"

and you know what? each of the answers i received were ones i already had on my own list. we are all working hard at this because of the same reasons, and i think we could all benefit from being reminded of those reasons when the going gets tough. because it will get tough. but it's worth it, no?

so i would like to share with you my 'little biz builder's manifesto' - if you click here you can download a printable file in colour or black and white, as well as low res images for saving to your desktop, posting on your own blog or sharing online. i would love it if you shared this with your people =)

i hope this will help us all kick ass with our little biz ideas in 2011!

i am also attaching the song that gave me the final line to the manifesto: "keep marching on". this song inspires me every time i listen to it and reminds me to keep marching on - one foot right in front of the other...

do you have a favorite song that inspires you? motivates you? has just the message you need to remind yourself of? please add it in the comments below. i would love to add some new inspiration to my ipod =)