{marketing} - stop selling your thing!

yes. this post is titled stop selling your thing. seems like a dumb bit of advice from someone who is trying to help people grow their little biz, right? keep reading. i don’t want you to stop selling your thing forever. just sometimes, in some places.

right now: i have 219 friends on my facebook profile, i like 161 facebook pages, i belong to 127 facebook groups, i follow 136 twitter profiles, i am on about 20 newsletter lists, and i have about 30 blogs i follow on my reader. and that is actually not that much (do you know you can have a maximum of 4000 friends on facebook? yikes!). and i haven’t even counted the online games people play... that adds a whole other element!

my point, and i do have one, is that i represent the average person on your feed. this is a lot of information passing across my laptop screen each day. and i am online pretty well all day, so i mostly keep up. but a lot of people are only online for an hour or so after they put their kids to bed. so you can imagine – if every post/tweet/update from a biz or a person is trying to sell us something, we are going to tune them out after a while.

i am actually pretty good at skimming over this constant information stream to find the good stuff. what is the good stuff? mostly when someone is sharing something helpful for free, but i also like stuff that is entertaining, newsworthy, informative, funny or shocking. and i am pretty good at recognizing the people/businesses that do this consistently and skimming over the ones that do not. (i am sure you do this with your own friend feeds on facebook, right?)

so here is my suggestion to you. stop selling your thing... constantly. instead, for every post/tweet/comment/update/email/etc. you send out to promote yourself (essentially trying to sell something), send out 5 that are the other variety: share some helpful tips, be funny or entertaining, pass on something you know someone would like, generate conversation and interaction, say thank you to someone who has helped you.

instead of being that annoying guy that just pushes stuff a person's nose so they will buy it, be that awesome guy that is helpful and funny and charming and helpful and kind and entertaining and helpful. yes, i said helpful 3 times – if you give away free, helpful, useful stuff consistently, you will remain on people’s radar. i.e. they won’t skim over your posts, they will stop to read every single time. just sayin’.... 

what do you think? do you agree or disagree? what kind of information do you like best from the people and businesses you follow? please add a comment below!