what is your thing? | the little biz brainstorm

my photography sessions generally involve new mums, stay-at-home mums, mums just going back to work, or mums trying to balance their jobs with time at home. and i hear the same thing quite often from these mums: "wow, it is really cool that you started your own business / can do this from home / can do something you love.  i wish i could do that."  

well i am here to say "go for it!".  seriously, if i can do this, anyone can! (you can read about how i finally got going here.) obviously not everyone is going to start a photography business.  so what could you do? what's your thing? take out a piece of paper and start brainstorming.

what do you love? what is your passion? what are your hobbies? what are you good at? what do your friends ask you to do all the time? what do you know a lot about? what did you do before? what have you always wanted to do?

do you make something? 

jewellery. cards. scrapbooks. clothes. artwork. pottery. children's stories. baby blankets. hair accessories. photo slideshows. toys. handbags. hats. games. knitted items. cupcakes. birthday cakes. 

do you do something? 

photography. cleaning. gardening. accounting. play an instrument. act. dance. sing. paint. speak a foreign language. entertain kids. plan parties. bake. cook. play a sport. train pets. arrange flowers. style hair. style clothes. collect vintage clothes. buy and sell stuff on ebay.

do you know something? 

how to... build a website. make a youtube video. find great deals on travel. set up an ebay store. feng shui a house. organize and declutter a house. sell a house. fix a car. shop for a car. shop for a bra. kick ass in a job interview. 

by the way, your thing might fall into more than one catagory.  within my business i make things, do things and know things.  doesn't matter.  you are just brainstorming, so fill up your whole page.  don't leave anything off and don't cross anything out.  you never know what might be the thing!  

and if you have somethings to add to my little list here - please do! add a comment below. it might not be your thing, but it might ring a bell for someone else!  =)

i have started a group on facebook where those of us who are thinking about/wanting to/trying to start up a little biz can chat and share ideas.  please come join us there!