what is your thing? part 2 | the little biz brainstorm

so last time we started a brainstorm to find all the possible things you love, know, make, do, are good at, interested in, passionate about etc. i hope you really filled your list with every possibility no matter how mundane, silly, or random it might be - these are the things that make you you, and you never know where the seed of an idea could hide!

take a look over that list. did any of those things really resonate? do any of them feel like they could be the thing? does something seem to have potential? does your mind keep going back to an idea? does one of them seem keep niggling in your mind? highlight or circle all of those things.

ok, now you need to add to your brainstorm:  

what can you do with that circled thing?

can you make it standout, be unique or exceptional?

can you become an expert at that thing?

can you do it in a way that others arent't right now?

can you focus it to work for a specific group of people?

can you adapt it so that it fills a need or a want for people?

can you combine a couple of passions to do something really unique or great?

can you use your knowledge/interest/passion/gift to do a job for someone else?

can you turn it into something you could market and sell?

so at this point in my post, my plan was to give some examples of some really cool ideas. but every example i thought of felt really lame. then i thought i would put up my own brainstorm for you to see, but leave out the photo/biz stuff i already do. but that list seemed really lame as well. then i realized, of course those ideas feel lame, they are not my ideas! they aren't my thing!

the thing is, if you are going to do something as a business, even if it is a really tiny business like mine, then you have to really be in love with that thing. you have to be fired up and passionate and excited and inspired. if you are a stay-at-home mum like me, or have a full time job and want to do something on the side, then you aren't going to have the energy or time to spend on a lame idea, just because it's there on your page.  

this brainstorm is NOT meant to help you come up with any old idea that you can turn into a business. it is meant to help you find your THING. that one thing that gets you excited about growing your own little biz. so ignore the ideas that feel lame to you and focus on the one that you are really drawn to. that's the one you want to focus this part of the brainstorm on!

now, if you are having troubles with this part of the brainstorm and don't know how to answer those questions above, then please email or message me. i can get excited about it with you and help you find a way to do something with your thing. i love chatting about little biz ideas so i'd love to help =)