just go for it already | build your own little business

i have a really little children's photography business. just me and my home studio set up in the rumpus room out back. i started my biz about 3 years ago and in the last year have immersed myself in the world of learning about running a little biz: branding, marketing, pricing, social networking, blogging, copy writing, website design, search engine optimization, and more! 

i find myself sharing more and more of what i have been learning with others, trying to help and encourage people who are interested in starting their own little biz. i have been writing a bit about the biz stuff on my photography blog as well. a couple of weeks ago i wrote i post called 'just go for it already'. i have been doing this fantastic course called question the rules by johnny b truant and lee stranahan and had just finished listening to a section on the punk rock DIY minset in which johnny suggests you just learn to fly the plane while flying it. awesome. i was so inspired i had to write a blog post about it hoping to inspire others.

in the mean time i have been thinking that maybe i could try helping people with their little biz ideas in a more concrete way. get a website started, maybe a forum or discussion board, maybe even offering my help with logo design, creating flyers and business cards etc. but then i shake my head and think: you can't do that! you haven't been doing this very long. you don't have a site set up or a name or a logo or anything. you don't even know what people need from you yet. you aren't ready for this! and another week goes by where i haven't done anything about my ideas. 

it ocurred to me that i am encouraging others to just go for it already yet i am not doing that myself! what the hell? time to talk the talk sister! so here it goes. i am going to learn to fly this plane as i am flying it. as i share tools and resources that will help others get their ideas off the ground i am going to do be doing the same for myself.

i am by no means an expert but i have certainly found some fantastic sites and resources and people that i have learnt so much from. i am going to share those resources with you. and wherever possible i am going to offer any help i can. perhaps you all can do the same - i would love to create a community where we can help each other build a little biz! =)