17 blog posts that will help you kick ass with your little biz in 2011

december is such a busy and exciting time of the year. christmas of course keeps us very busy and for little biz owners it can mean a big boost in sales and visibility. but even more than that, for me december is a time of planning, dreaming & brainstorming. it is when i was inspired to get serious about my photography. two years later it is when i worked on the branding and launch plans for my little biz. and now i am filled with excitement about where this blog, build a little biz, is going to take me next!

and if december is for planning, dreaming & brainstorming, then january is for putting those plans into action. a time for a fresh start, for growth, for launching new things, for biggering and bettering and becoming re-energized.

i know many of you are feeling the same excitement about your own plans for your little biz. and if you are like me you are also feeling a bit overwhelmed by that to do list, and perhaps a little nervous too. here are some blog posts that i hope will help you as you work on your brainstorming, planning and goals for kicking ass with your biz next year:

above else, know that i am fully in your corner, cheering you on as you make plans for 2011. if you want to be sure to get all of the resource links and posts i share on the facebook page please sign up for my weekly newsletter. if you want to find out more about branding your little biz sign up to get information about the new branding work book i am launching in the new year. and feel free to send an email or pop by the facebook page or twitter at any time to say hi or ask a question. i love to chat about biz.

cheers to an amazing journey in 2010 and kicking ass with our little biz plans in 2011 =)