{your ideal client} do you want 'likers' or true fans?

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with the increasing popularity of facebook as a way for little businesses to promote their stuff the emphasis these days seems to be on gaining 'likers': those people who have clicked on that little like button on your facebook page.

these are questions i have seen recently:

  • where can i promote my facebook page to get more people to like my page?
  • how can i have a contest on facebook to get more people to like my page?
  • i don’t want to be spam-ish but how else do i get more people to like my page? 

in general people will like your page to:

  1. be polite
  2. be supportive
  3. return the like after you liked them
  4. hope that you will return the favour and like them back
  5. win a prize or help someone win a prize
  6. because they love your stuff

perhaps it is time we stop searching for likers and start focusing on true fans. you know, the ones who love your stuff and will actually buy what you’re selling? it is all fine and dandy to want 1000 likers for your page. but if none of them are buying your stuff, how is that working for you? perhaps instead you ought to try to find 100 true fans.

who are they?

close your eyes (yes, this is kind of a woo woo excercise, just go with me here!) and picture your ideal client. you know the one you love to work with. the one who buys anything you are selling. who passes your name on to others and comes back for more and more. maybe you have a client like this already or maybe this person hasn’t walked through your door yet. no matter, picture them as vividly as you can.


  • appearance & manner
  • likes & dislikes
  • family & friends
  • neighbourhood & social circles
  • hobbies & interests
  • values & desires
  • finances & budget
  • problems & needs

where do you find them?

look at your list of descriptors for that ideal client. based on those things, where are you going to find these people? where do they live? shop? eat? work? hang out? socialize? excercise? play? relax? now find your people in those places!

for instance: if your ideal client values one-of-a-kind custom handmade items, does not have children, and is health and environmentally conscious – hanging up flyers at the mcdonalds play area ain’t gonna work. just sayin’.

it’s the same on facebook. if your ideal client is a fan of a local fine art photographer, can you pair up with that photographer and get your thing in some of her shots? if your ideal client is a fan of a local bakery can you get your stuff displayed on the walls of that shop? become fans of the pages your clients hang out on and start chatting. network. make connections. be helpful.

how do you get them to like your page?

if your focus on getting likers is to draw people in with freebies, prizes and contests – those likers are not likely to buy something from you. they came for the free stuff. but if your focus is on SOLVING PROBLEMS those fans will buy what you are selling. look back at your description for the problems and needs of your ideal client. now solve that problem. meet that need. fill that gap.

if time is the problem (no time to shop, no time to cook, no time to clean, no time to plan a party...) show how you solve that problem. if the need is to have something unique and spectacular so that the client has bragging rights and is a trend setter – then show how you meet that need. if the client has been searching high and low for that one thing no one seems to be selling - find a way to get that thing for your client.

how do you demonstrate that you can solve their problems?

  • share useful resources on your page – when you can help a person out they will love you forever
  • ask questions and provide answers – generate conversation on your wall, chat about the things your fans have on their mind
  • get reviews and testimonials – when someone tells you that you have helped them ask them to write a review on your reviews tab
  • comment, connect, engage – when you see discussions happening on other pages, join in! make yourself known. start connecting with people. 

in doing these things, if people then come on over to like your page, it will be because they are a true fan of you and your stuff!

quantity vs quality

don’t get me wrong, you need to promote your biz. so if you want to do reciprocal liking/shout outs as a way to get known, and that is working for you go for it. and perhaps all of those contests and promotions are part of your brand, part of the reason people love you and your stuff. if that is the case – keep at it. go be you!

but if you feel like you are struggling with increasing your numbers, or are finding that contests and giveaways aren’t getting you the results you hoped for, then maybe you need to change the way you think about the concept of ‘likers’ and change your tactics with your page. in the end, i think it is the quality of your fans, not the quantity of your likers, that matters most.

what do you think? do you worry about the 'numbers'? or do you focus on finding true fans? how do you find them? please add a comment, i would love to hear from you! =)